Are Kayla and Seb still together from Too Hot to Handle season 4?

The couple were one of the season's favourites - but are they still an item?

Kayla and Seb Too Hot to Handle season 4
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Fans of the hit Netflix dating show are asking are Kayla and Seb still together?

With Too Hot to Handle season 5 on the horizon, viewers want to know which Too Hot to Handle Couples are still together - from recent cast members Alex and Elys to season 2 runners-up Emily and Cam. It's not been that long since the cast of Too Hot to Handle Season 4 went off screens to take their relationships out into the real, world but not every love has survived after their time on the show.

Kayla and Seb struggled with a long-distance relationship between the UK and LA and they came runners-up in the contest, but are they still an item? 

Are Kayla and Seb still together?

Yes, Kayla and Seb are still together after falling in love on Too Hot to Handle season 4. The couple have had a complicated start to their romance - Seb felt lust at first sight but it took Kayla to discover Nigel had been juggling her with another girl before she would give the Scot a chance.

Their bond saw Seb knock back Flavia and break one of the show's ultimate rules - having sex in the shower and losing themselves $50k. Before being sent to the private suite to test their connection without rule breaking.

And they continued to be strong contenders for the final, having both stayed faithful with Kayla turning down Shawn in order to stay with Seb. They made it to the final but didn't walk away as winners - but instead went girlfriend and boyfriend official.

However the distance between LA girl Kayla Richart and Scottish lad Seb Melrose made dating difficult. After a couple of initial visits to LA and Scotland, they called time on their relationship briefly. But having not stopped talking, they decided to give their relationship another try - going Instagram official.

A post showed them holding hands and read, "This is us, let's see where it goes."

Earlier this year they took a romantic trip around El Salvador, Costa Rica and Peru. Seb shared, "Little did she know I had something special planned." as he uploaded a reel of him asking her to be his girlfriend after the words were written under a shell."

Prompting fans to react, "Awe, too cute, they are the cutest couple, hope they can navigate the distance."

Another fan added, "I love that you two are together again!! So adorable."

And a third fan wrote, "I’m crying guys!!!"

Did Kayla and Seb break up?

Yes Kayla and Seb broke up briefly, as they struggled to make the long-distance LA to Scotland relationship work. But they rekindled their romance after keeping in touch and deciding to give things another go. But some fans aren't convinced they're the real deal, it's claimed they are only forcing a relationship for the benefit that seems to come with staying together - sex, and social media popularity.

One reddit user commented, "These relationships are nothing more than business relationships, staying relevant & milking it for likes and comments. 99% of them."

But will they last? Only time will tell...

What have Kayla and Seb said since?

Kayla and Seb opened up on their long-distance romance, with Kayla telling Tudum, "Since the retreat, Seb and I have had a very unconventional relationship. The way we met was unusual, and constantly remembering that we came from two different worlds… always helps us continue to grow together."

They both travelled to London to promote the show and joined the rest of the cast for some adventures - and while they posted snaps of them solo, they are very much still an item as Seb shared a loving snap of them in the sea during a storm which was captioned, "For you I would".

And days before he gushed "Sweet like sugar" about Kayla.

But Kayla shared her secret to their relationship lasting, "pov- in a long distance relationship and he asks for pics" as she shared a snap of her in her white bra and knickers set for a brand advert.

Where are Kayla and Seb now?

Kayla appears to be back working in LA after spending four days with Seb on a retreat in Costa Rica where they spent some quality time together. Seb admitted, "No matter what I’m about to say, there won’t be enough words to describe how incredible this trip was. I learned that it’s not about how much time you have but instead it’s what you do with the time you have."

He continued, "These people will forever hold a very dear place in my heart. We only knew each other for 4 days but I felt like we all went on a journey through life together. Each and every one of these people has an incredible story that I’m deeply inspired by."

Meanwhile, Kayla had an equally rewarding trip to Costa Rica, she shared, "We opened up to one another, grounded ourselves every morning with yoga, visited Cepia to raise awareness, laughed, cried and had the time of our lives rain or shine. We were truly able to find the beauty in our pain and in those around us."

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