Are Alex and Elys still together from Too Hot To Handle season 5?

What happened between Alex and Elys after the Too Hot To Handle finale and where are they now...

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After the finale of Too Hot To Handle season five, fans want to know if Alex and Elys are still together...

Too Hot To Handle has returned to Netflix for a fifth season, following ten commitment-phobes in a bid to win the show's prize fund by forming meaningful romantic connections with their castmates. Overseen for the entire time by Lana, an Alexa-style virtual assistant, the Too Hot To Handle cast must remain celibate for the duration of the retreat, or face losing the prize money. 

Alex and Elys were one of just two solid couples going into the Too Hot To Handle final, but neither had a smooth ride. Just like viewers last year wanted to know who stayed together from Too Hot To Handle season 4, and now others are asking if Christine and Louis are still together, fans of the dating show now want to know the fate of Alex and Elys. 

Are Alex and Elys still together?

No, Alex and Elys are no longer together. It probably won't come a surprise to viewers, as Alex lives in London while Elys is from Switzerland but lives in LA, meaning there's quite a distance between them. 

It seems like they're still on good terms, however, as Alex and Elys still follow each other on Instagram. In an interview with Elite Daily, Elys explained, "We stayed together just under six months after filming. It was a very fun six months– very fiery and passionate. But with me traveling so much and us doing long-distance, it just didn’t work. We’re still on great terms, which is really nice."

What happened between Alex and Elys on Too Hot To Handle?

Alex and Elys made it all the way to the Too Hot To Handle final, and left the show as boyfriend and girlfriend. Alex, a 28-year-old from London, England, and Elys, a 23-year-old from Lausanne, Switzerland, were two of the original contestants on season five, entering the retreat on day one.

Alex was interested in Elys from the start, but she initially chose to focus on Hunter, leaving Alex to couple up with Megan. Despite kissing Hunter, it didn't take long for Elys to realise her connection was stronger with Alex than Hunter, so she broke things off and decided to couple up with Alex. However, Alex was initially hesitant after finding out about Elys' kiss with Hunter. 

Then, Lana sent Elys on a date with Hunter and, but halfway through offered her the choice to swap to Alex. Elys chose to switch and the date went well, following which Alex and Elys stayed together until the end of the season.

They had a pretty smooth ride thereon out, although their record-breaking 12-minute kiss resulted in a $36,000 deduction from the Too Hot To Handle prize fund.

Meanwhile, Alex was struggling with doubts over whether he could commit to Elys, so Lana gave him an ultimatum. He could either win $25,000 but leave the retreat then and there, or stay and continue his relationship with Elys, but this would mean forfeiting winning the show and the prize fund. This made him realise how much Elys meant to him, and he chose to stay.

When it came to the finale, Elys was voted as the winner of Too Hot To Handle season five. Louis and Alex had both forfeited the chance to win by turning down $25,000, meaning Lana chose Elys and Dre as the finalists because they had shown the most growth.

After the rest of the contestants voted, Elys took the crown, but in the end she decided to split the money 50/50 with Dre, because she knew how much it would mean to him and his family.

Alex and Elys left the show as boyfriend and girlfriend, and had even exchanged 'I love yous' by the end - making it "the first L-bomb of the series".

Where is Alex Snell now?

Alex is back living in London following his appearance on Too Hot To Handle, and has since shared on Instagram that he recently met up with fellow cast member Louis. 

He's also keen to keep his followers up-to-date with his progress in the gym, and there's no shortage of topless pics on his feed. According to DevonLive, Alex used to work as a personal trainer and offered free workout plans during the pandemic, encouraging those who used them to donate to mental health charity Devon Mind. 

Where is Elys Hutchinson now?

In her interview with Elite Daily, Elys confirmed that she is still single and living in Los Angeles. And she's been much more active on social media, posting plenty of picture of herself hanging out with the rest of the Too Hot To Handle cast.

She told Elite Daily, "Right now, I’m focusing on my career. I’m in L.A. with my family and having a really good time. I’m open to going on dates, meeting people, and seeing where it goes, but I’m very happy being single and doing my own thing."

She added that she has remained friends with the cast, saying, "The girls and I have a group chat, and we speak every day or two, and the guys will also be friends for life. They’re the only people who have properly experienced what I’ve experienced there, so they are like a different category of friends."

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