Bluey surprises fans as they drop new secret episode following season 3 finale - and fans are shocked about the new storyline

A final episode titled The Surprise is available to watch now!

The animated cast of Bluey
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Following the season three finale of Bluey, the show's creators have surprised fans with the release of a new secret episode - and it's full of exciting new storylines. Spoilers ahead!

The season finale of Bluey had fans, no matter their age, bawling their eyes out. The show has always been praised for the way it brings light to so many relatable family challenges, just like Netflix’s Leo perfectly tackles the anxieties of modern parenting, and the final episode was no different. 

As well as introducing, for the first time in its history, an LGBTQ+ storyline in a sweet moment you might have missed, the show brought tears to the eyes of those who resonate with Aunt Brandy's storyline and left many wondering if Brandy is pregnant

Others were left upset as rumours around the kids' cartoon suggested that this episode was going to be the show's last. But if you're worried that Bluey is ending, worry no more as not only are we getting another season, we've already been treated to a new episode. 

That's right! Bluey has dropped a surprise episode aptly titled 'The Surprise' and it's available to watch on Disney+ right now. 

The episode takes the show back to its original seven-minute format, but those few short minutes are jam-packed with exciting surprises. For one, we've jumped forward in time, with the Heeler's home now boasting a tonne of technological upgrades like a robot-vacuum - which we're very jealous of and are glad we can get our hands on with the Vactidy Nimble T6 robot vacuum

But you won't be distracted by all the tech for long as, when the doorbell rings, Chilli welcomes a grown up Bluey into her home. And, not only that, but she's brought along her child!

The episode teasingly ends before we get the answers to some very hot questions. We don't know Bluey's child's name, we don't know what Bluey is doing for work, we don't know who the child's other parent is, and we also don't know if Bingo still lives at home. And the lack of answers is driving some fans a bit mad online. 

“STOP IS THAT BLUEY AND MACKENZIE’S KID??,” one person asked on a TikTok by a Bluey fan account, while another speculated, “It’s possible it could either be Mackenzie or even Jean-Luc’s kid. The one folded ear does remind me of Mackenzie, but the kid also has dark blue colouring like Jean-Luc.” 

Whatever the answers, we're sure that fans will be sitting on the edge of their seats when season four eventually hits our screens. "It is not the end for Bluey," producer Sam Moor promised the BBC’s Today Programme. "I’m sure we have many more surprises in store for you. We have more in store and we are thinking what would be next.”

Even more exciting, we may also be getting a Bluey movie. The show’s creator, Joe Brumm, told The Guardian, “I love the idea of doing something even longer, so we’ll see how this goes down. Maybe a movie, who knows? This [the season three finale] is a good way to test the waters.”

If you can't wait for another season of Bluey, you're in luck as the show's celebrity-stacked spin-off 'Bluey Book Reads' is now available to watch on Youtube. There are also a whole host of shows that Bluey fans will love on streaming services like the new Netflix film Orion and the Dark that encourages kids to confront their fears and, for older children, Netflix's live action Avatar: The Last Airbender. But if none of those shows scratch the itch like Bluey, you're not alone and parents and a therapist have explained exactly what makes the show such a success when compared with other kids TV. 

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