Chris Hemsworth reveals why his son doesn’t call him ‘dad’ and the reason is so sweet

The marvel actor was recently forced to defend the polarising parenting choice

Chris Hemsworth
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Chris Hemsworth has revealed the sweet reason why his son doesn’t call him ‘dad’ after receiving backlash on a video he posted to Instagram in which his 9-year-old referred to him as 'Chris.'

Celebrity parenting styles are always in the spotlight, for better or for worse. We love hearing stories of our favourite A-listers experiencing minor struggles just like any average parent and we equally love a success story that can help us to develop our own approach to parenthood too. 

Some celeb parenting choices can seem a little out there, like the 8 brutal parenting rules Gordon Ramsay raised his kids with, but, for the most part, celebrity parents are just the same as the rest of us. 

Only, Chris Hemsworth may be a little cooler. That's because he's just revealed that his son doesn't call him 'dad' and instead uses his first name 'Chris' for this adorable reason. 

Sharing a video of him fishing with one of his 9-year-old twin sons in Fiji, fans of the marvel actor were quick to point out that the youngster was calling his dad by his first time as he cheered him on to reel in a big catch. “Come on, Chris! Keep on fighting it,” he could be heard shouting at his Dad in the clip.

While many thought the video was a cute one capturing a sweet memory, others were outraged at the supposed 'disrespect' of Chris' son for not calling his dad 'dad.' One fan wrote in the comments, “It’s sad he doesn’t call you dad. Being a dad is special.” And another added, "Disrespect calling your father by his name at that age. I have always heard Chris call his father dad."

Chris was forced to edit his video's caption, adding in the caveat, "P.s. if you're wondering why my son calls me Chris it’s because I’m his BFF and true mates don’t call each other dad."

However, this only fuelled the fire for the dad-shamers. One fan commented, "He can be your best mate but first you're his DAD," and another shared, "Did you call your dad by his first name? Going to be interesting when you need to be their Dad and not their friend."

But while the comment section of the post continues to gain new comments everyday, Chris seems to have moved on and is focusing on taking his kids, India Rose Hemsworth, 11, and twin boys Sasha and Tristan Hemsworth, nine, on amazing adventures across the world. 

Speaking about his envious family lifestyle, from living in Byron Bay, Australia to travelling through Europe, Chris told Vanity Fair, "We live on about 11 acres along the coast, and then we have a big farm nearby with a bunch of horses on it. And my kids are as outdoorsy and adventurous as they come. It’s about trying to keep up with them these days. We’re very, very lucky,” 

But even with all that adventure, there's still a constant battle within the family group; finding ways to reduce kids' screen time and get away from technology. 

“That’s always a battle,” Chris said. “But it’s like we have a lot of things to keep them busy, motorbike riding, horse riding, surfing, skating. But when we go on a film set or we travel through Europe and we’re staying in hotels and we don’t have access to the wilderness, they very quickly sink into that lifestyle, which is sugar, TV, video games. How can they not?”

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