Is Danny Miller leaving Emmerdale for good?

Danny Miller, Is Danny Miller leaving Emmerdale?
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Is Danny Miller leaving Emmerdale for good? Fans are wondering if he will be returning to the soap after the actor was announced as part of the official I'm A Celebrity 2021 line up.

Danny is one of the 10 campmates headed into Gwrych Castle for the next three weeks as they compete for meals by completing various Bushtucker trials hoping to be crowned king or queen of the castle.

But while he's taking on challenges and avoiding rat bites in the chilly Welsh castle as part of I'm a Celeb 2021, in which case you might want to make a note of what days I'm A Celeb 2021 is on, his character Aaron Dingle will soon be leaving ITV screens altogether and it looks like he made the right decision after he won the final.

Is Danny Miller leaving Emmerdale?

Danny Miller has confirmed he has left Emmerdale ahead of his appearance on I'm A Celebrity 2021.

Danny, 30, who has played Aaron Dingle since 2008 in the ITV soap, confirmed the news at a press roundtable event.

An Emmerdale spokesperson told Digital Spy, "Danny has achieved so much during his time at Emmerdale playing the role of Aaron. He has had to tackle some of the hardest-hitting storylines and has made a lasting impact on the show.

"Aaron is a character our viewers took into their hearts and have followed his rollercoaster journey for years. Danny will be hugely missed and we wish him all the best going forwards."

And During a chat with Ross Grant on the most recent episode of the Act On This podcast Danny explained why I'm A Celebrity was a turning point in his career.

He said, "I know I can go and do that show, get as far as I can in it and try help give another career path for myself and for my family next year, that would potentially give other opportunities more so than that would give me now.

"Whilst I've loved every moment of Emmerdale, you know there's a part where you want to go out and explore other things, you want to try do other shows, other dramas, films, you know present something.

"I don't know where it might lead me, it might lead me to nowhere, but I've got to try."

Host Ross told listeners, "By the time you guys are watching this, you will know Danny's done his last days on Emmerdale...'

Fans are gutted at the news but they do want a reunion on the soap.

One fan wrote, 'I will miss Danny and Aaron, but I think it's a wise decision and I am happy for him. Now I want #emmerdale to do something right for a change and reunite my soulmate couple #robron.'

Another fan tweeted, 'Absolutely gutted Danny will be missed and it won’t be the same without Danny/Aaron'

And a third fan added, 'Hopefully they won’t kill him off so he could return eventually, he’s a great character & actor.'

Will Danny Miller return to Emmerdale after I'm A Celebrity?

It's not yet clear if Danny Miller will return to Emmerdale after I'm A Celebrity, as it will depend on whether show bosses have decided to keep his character written in the script or kill him off altogether.

Danny is no stranger to quitting the soap - back in 2012 he left to pursue other roles before rejoining the soap in 2014, telling fans he'd missed playing his character, and added, "but thank God we've managed to ditch the trackies now!"

"He's still got that chavvy side to him, but he's not so chavvy where his jeans are in his socks," he admitted at the time.

"It's nice to see Aaron mature a little bit, but he's still got that bad boy and rebellious attitude."

But Danny recently confirmed he had already filmed his final scenes.

But we're not ruling out a return to the soap just yet.

I'm A Celebrity 2021

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Who did Danny Miller play in Emmerdale?

Danny Miller played Aaron Dingle in the ITV soap and over his 13 year Emmerdale career, he has taken part in some gripping storylines - viewers first saw his character try to kiss his best friend Adam Barton and then be rejected.

And he grew closer to Jackson Walsh, played by ex-Hollyoaks actor Marc Silcock, after meeting in a gay bar and the couple went on to have their first gay kiss on screen.

Speaking about the kiss, Danny said at the time, "I was nervous, but I'd only done a couple of scenes with Marc before we had to kiss, which I think was better really.

"It meant I hadn't had a chance to get to know him and become friends with him first. I found it a lot easier not knowing him that well. I think it would have been hard if we'd become mates and then had to kiss."

Aaron's tragic romance with Jackson Walsh will remain one of the most memorable storylines in soap history as Aaron helped him take his own life.

And there's his fiery relationship with Robert Sugden which was a fan favourite, but Danny was able to showcase his range with hard-hitting stories too, like his struggle to come to terms with the child abuse he suffered at the hands of his father.

When did Danny Miller join Emmerdale?

Danny Miller joined Emmerdale in 2008 when he was 17. Violent, angry, and always in trouble, his character quickly established himself as the baddest of bad boys in the village.

In real life, he is not gay but he previously admitted he was apprehensive when Emmerdale bosses approached him a year into his role that they were thinking of making Aaron, gay.

"The producer called me in to discuss the direction he wanted to take the character," Danny recalled.

"Being a straight actor and having to kiss another lad, I'm not going to lie, I was a bit worried about it, because it's a great test of your acting skills.

"And I wasn't expecting it. I'd never thought Aaron could be gay - he's probably the most unlikely person in the village to be gay. I saw it as a challenge and said yes, but I was still quite anxious about it."

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays. I'm A Celebrity starts on Sunday, 21st November on ITV at 9pm and will air on weeknights for three weeks thereafter.

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