Is The One Show’s Alex Jones pregnant and when is her baby due?

Alex Jones is already a proud mum!
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  • The One Show’s Alex Jones has been entertaining viewers on the popular topical show since 2010, but is she pregnant and when is her baby due? We reveal all you need to know about the bubbly Welsh broadcaster’s family. 

    Alex Jones has been a firm favourite on our TV screens for over a decade now, and is best known as co-host on the BBC’s The One Show. From presenting memorable segments to conducting inspiring interviews, Alex’s warmth makes each appearance an exciting and relatable experience.

    Though after making a series of exciting personal announcements to her One Show colleagues over the years, followed by another in recent months, viewers might still be intrigued to know more about the star’s family. 

    But is Alex Jones pregnant, when is her baby due and how many children does she have? 

    Is Alex Jones pregnant?

    The One Show’s Alex Jones was pregnant with a little girl in 2021.

    As reported by, the broadcaster opened up to Closer magazine about her pregnancy joy at the time. Here she is said to have revealed that she initially thought her pregnancy symptoms were signs of diet-related fatigue.  

    “I just felt really tired but, of course, in hindsight I was pregnant,” Alex explained. “I thought it was the veganism making me drained of energy but it wasn’t.”

    Admitting that she would’ve expected to recognize the signs after her previous pregnancies, Alex revealed she simply “didn’t realise the clues were there”. 

    Alex Jones poses in the winners room at the House of Fraser British Academy Television Awards at Theatre Royal on May 10, 2015 in London, England

    “This is ridiculous in a third pregnancy, but I didn’t realise the clues were there because I honestly blamed everything on the veganism,” The One Show star said. 

    “I was so tired and hungry all the time and I thought it was that. But I said to my husband that I think we need to do a test. And he said, ‘What? What?’ – anyway, we did a test.”

    After discovering that Alex was indeed pregnant, she chose to announce her third pregnancy in a wonderful way in March. She had previously confirmed her second pregnancy on The One Show back in 2018 and chose to do so again this time around. 

    “It just seems like a good time to share some news with everybody, and the crew in the studio for the first time,” Alex began, as she presented the show with Ronan Keating. “I mean lockdown has been anything but predictable and we’ve had some really unexpected news – baby number three is on the way.”

    And she’s keen to receive advice from Ronan, who welcomed his second child with wife Storm last year. 

    “I need all the tips. We didn’t see that one coming but we’re delighted,” Alex declared. 

    When is Alex Jones’ baby due?

    Alex Jones has now given birth to her baby girl. The One Show presenter left for her maternity leave at the beginning of August 2021. And Alex and her husband welcomed their new addition three weeks later.

    Viewers might be wondering who is presenting The One Show tonight? in Alex’s absence.

    In an interview with Hello! magazine, Alex announced that her daughter was due to arrive in late August. And it seems that her baby girl indeed arrived around the time of her due date.

    Alex’s maternity break coincided with The One Show’s annual thee-week break.

    “The show breaks for three weeks in the summer every year and that break will be in August this year, so I’ll go off on that and I’ll probably stay off. That’s the plan”, she shared. 

    It’s not yet been confirmed who might be taking over for Alex during her maternity leave, though the presenter has hinted that it will likely be “a mix” of people who are already familiar to the audience. 

    Who is Alex Jones’ husband?

    Alex Jones’ husband is insurance broker Charlie Thomson. The couple is said to have met at a party in 2011 and went on to get engaged in 2015.

    Alex and Charlie tied the knot that same year in a beautiful private ceremony on New Year’s Eve in Cardiff Castle.

    Credit: WENN Rights Ltd via Alamy

    Whilst Charlie tends to keep out of the limelight, he does often feature in his wife’s heartfelt Instagram posts. 

    How many children does Alex Jones have?

    Alex Jones and her husband Charlie Thomson now have three children, after their daughter’s arrival in August 2021. Alex and Charlie’s firstborn, named Edward Alun Burrell Thomson, adorably shortened to Teddy, was born in 2017. Eager to share the news with her colleagues, Alex announced during a phone call to The One Show that she’d given birth to Teddy – much to everyone’s delight. 

    Their happy family soon grew again as Alex and Charlie welcomed their second child, Kit, in May 2019, with a sweet Instagram post, showing their newborn son’s tiny hands reaching out to hers. Now, two years later, Kit has become a proud older sibling himself. 

    Opening up to Closer about her excitement at preparing to welcome her third child, Alex explained that she had come to think that her “time had passed”. 

    “It’s a huge gift,” she shared. “I suppose deep down I would never have said it because we were so lucky to have two lovely boys, but having a girl was always something that was there. I thought our time had passed and it wasn’t going to happen.”

    Alex also revealed her husband’s excitement at the prospect of having a little girl, after they initially considered what life would be like with three sons.

    “We both said how amazing three boys would be,” she explained. “Then when we opened the email which told us what sex the baby was, his little face was a picture.

    alex jones the one show presenter

    “We were too scared to say it, but I think we both felt the same. We both secretly thought it would be amazing if it was a girl. It’ll be really interesting to see the different dynamics.”

    Explaining how her sons have reacted to the news they were to have a baby sister, Alex shared that 2-year-old Kit isn’t quite so sure what lies in store. 

    “I don’t think little Kit, the youngest one, really understands,” she said. “I keep pointing to my tummy and saying, ‘Baby, there’s a baby in here’ and he goes, ‘Baby’ but I don’t think he understands what’s going on.”

    With Alex Jones’ third child now here, we’ve no doubt Kit would have been delighted to meet his new sibling.

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