Kevin the Carrot has been replaced in the Aldi Christmas advert and fans are heartbroken

PR Aldi Christmas Teaser 2021 Hero Image of Ebanana Scrooge
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Sad news for Kevin the Carrot fans as Aldi has replaced the adorable vegetable with the new character 'Ebanana Scrooge'.

When November hits, we wait anxiously for the Christmas adverts, with many shops becoming iconic for their festive features. 

The John Lewis Christmas advert has become a key Christmas memory, with the 2021 John Lewis Christmas advert song already finding a place in the nation's heart after the ad was launched last week.

Meanwhile the adorable M&S Christmas advert features two famous UK celebs and now Aldi has sparked some controversy with a first look at its Christmas advertising efforts for this year, as Kevin the Carrot has been replaced by a brand new character.

Kevin the Carrot was introduced to us in 2016, and the nation instantly fell in love. Aldi shoppers even queued for a chance to buy the sellout Kevin the Carrot toy. 

Now five years on Aldi have aired a new advert, featuring ‘Ebanana Scrooge’ and fans aren’t happy to see that Kevin is missing from the sneak peek. 

Aldi posted the new 20-second trailer to Instagram with the caption, ‘The start of a new tradition… #EbananaScrooge.’

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The advert sees a banana stow away on the mince pie plate with the hopes of meeting and being taken by Santa. But when Santa comes he takes only the mince pie and ignores Ebanana, this makes him declare, "I hate Christmas."

But despite the equally cute and entertaining advert, fans were still left disappointed, saying that it just wasn’t Christmas without Kevin the Carrot.

One Kevin fan commented on the post, ‘What has happened to Kevin!!!!!!’

Another posted to Twitter saying, ‘Aldi bring back #KevintheCarrot, it's NOT Christmas without Kevin and Friends.”

Another even wittily replied to Aldi’s own tweet which read ‘Banana or Carrot?’ saying, ‘We need to talk about Kevin!!’

There could still be hope for Kevin to return and help Ebanana find his Christmas spirit, as one fan said, ‘Hoping Kevin comes along to make him love Christmas! 🥕 It's not Christmas without Kevin!!!’ Plus you can’t have a Christmas advert without a happy ending.

The advert is just the first part of the Aldi Christmas 2021 saga, so keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment, coming on the 11th of November, where Kevin could make a comeback. 

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