Where is Paul O'Grady, why has he left BBC Radio 2 and is he coming back?

Paul O'Grady, where is Paul O'Grady?
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Where is Paul O'Grady and why has he left Radio 2? Listeners are wondering after the host announced it was his last radio programme for "quite some time".

The TV turned radio presenter has broken his silence after it was announced his BBC Radio 2 show was going to be taken off air and replaced by another host.

BBC Radio 2 listeners often wonder where their favourite presenters are, previously Scott Mills stood in for Ken Bruce and Zoe Ball fans wondered why she wasn't on Radio 2 when she was notably missing from her show last year.

Paul - who is married to husband Andre Portasio - used to appear on the Sunday 5pm-7pm time slot each week with his self-titled show Paul O'Grady. But we look at what's happened to him and his show...

BBC Radio 2 has since paid tribute to Paul O'Grady who has died aged 67.

Where is Paul O'Grady?

Paul O'Grady has broken his social media silence to confirm that he has completed his "last Radio 2 Sunday show for quite some time".

Paul, who is married to ballet dancer Andre Portasio, wrote, "I’m doing my best to look benign but Sausage has just spotted Nancy dragging a tea towel down the hall and as you can see she wants a bit of the action.

"It’s my last Radio2 Sunday show for quite some time, our listening figures have shot up so a great big thank you to everyone who listens. While I’m on the subject I’d also like to thank my producer ( sounds very grand) Malcolm Prince who is one of the best in the business and hasn’t cracked once in the 14 years we’ve been on air."

The lengthy post continued to explain his upcoming absence, Paul added, " There’s a new regime now, I do 13 weeks on and then 13 off which is nothing to do with me as it’s a management decision. So, all being well and providing I’m not in India or Borneo, travel restrictions permitting, I should be back some time in May. Take it easy. X @bbcradio2 @malprin."

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Why has Paul O'Grady left BBC Radio 2?

Paul O'Grady has left BBC Radio 2 temporarily after a shake up by the show's producers to introduce a 13-week on and 13-week off schedule for its radio presenters.

Paul explained on his Instagram, "There’s a new regime now, I do 13 weeks on and then 13 off which is nothing to do with me as it’s a management decision."

But fans haven't taken kindly to his unexpected extended break.

One fan wrote on Twitter, "So very sad about this 'management' decision Paul. Why do they never ask the listeners for their views? Going to miss you and Malcolm so much. Been listening in to your fabulous show for ever and it's become part of our Sunday. Things will not be the same without you both. Do not want to rush the year over but roll on May! Must make most of today but a few tears will be shed at 7.00. Thank You for all the laughs and the wonderful music. ❤️😢😢❤️"

Another added, "Radio 2 seem to make this daft decisions like this. It's never about what the listener wants 😥"

And a third fan suggested, "You should podcast from your back bedroom Paul!! 😝 We’d all subscribe!"

Paul last took time off from his radio show last August so that he could do publicity for the kids book he had written.

Is Paul O'Grady coming back to BBC Radio 2?

Paul O'Grady has told fans he expects to be back hosting his BBC Radio 2 show in May. The TV star has revealed that over the next 13 weeks he plans to travel to India and Borneo but providing travel restrictions don't stop him, he will be back on air to host his usual Sunday show in May.

His statement explained, "So, all being well and providing I’m not in India or Borneo, travel restrictions permitting, I should be back some time in May. Take it easy. X"

Paul previously revealed he was keen to fly out to Borneo to visit the orangutans but travel restrictions make it impossible back then. His Instagram post in January explained, "I hate this time of year and I’ve got a desperate urge to take myself off to Borneo to the @sepilokorangutan which of course I can’t thanks to travel restrictions.

"I’m a patron of Sepilok and as the orangutan are susceptible to infection from humans you have to wear a mask, rubber gloves and wellies which isn’t much fun in the scorching heat but worth it. This little one is called Archie, he’s a big lad now and I’d love to see him again. They do great work rehabilitating the orangutan so if you’re ever over that way pay them a visit and make a little donation if you can.

"Hope 2022 is going well for you. I was getting hay out of the barn this morning and a rat the size of Eddie jumped over my arm. I nearly filled me drawers, if you’ll pardon the expression @sepilokorangutan."

Paul is a household favourite when it comes to presenting shows like ITVs For The Love Of Dogs. He recently met with Duchess Camilla at Battersea Dogs home.

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Who has replaced Paul O'Grady on BBC Radio 2?

Rob Beckett has replaced Paul O'Grady on BBC Radio 2 for the next three months. The former Lily Savage star wanted to inform listeners that the takeover wasn't his idea and reassured them about when he is expected to resume on the airwaves.

Rob is a comedian and a presenter who’s best known for hosting BBC One’s hit Saturday night TV show All Together Now and has been picking the Tracks of My Years.

Rob Beckett is on 5pm-7pm on Sundays BBC Radio 2.

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