Gemma Collins says she hasn’t ruled out having children and ‘could have a child at 50’ if she changes her mind

"It’s a big commitment but it’s also very rewarding"

Gemma Collins
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TV personality Gemma Collins has revealed that she is unsure whether or not she will ever have children but has shared that she has 'the best doctors going' and ‘could have a child at 50’ if she changes her mind.

Former TOWIE cast member Gemma Collins, who is the stepmother to her fiancé Rami's five-year-old son Tristan, opened up about her undecided stance on growing her family and shared that she really doesn't know where 'life will take' her but she's sure she will be happy wherever it goes.

When asked whether she would use a surrogate if she decided to have her own children, like fellow reality TV star Khloe Kardashian did with her second child, she told OK! Magazine, "I don’t think I’ll need to. I’m The GC, honey. I can have the best doctors going. I’ll just ring one up and say, 'Right, come on, get me pregnant'!"

But while she feels confident in her ability to get pregnant, she is unsure if she will ever actually want to. "Obviously, I’ve got PCOS and all of that," she shared before adding, "I could have a child at 50."

She then revealed, "If I’d had kids sooner, I would probably have been crazy, whereas now, I’m Miss Organic, I can just be at Zen with the child. Going to the mother and toddler groups never interested me, unless it’s Knightsbridge, darling. And I’m happy to host my own one indoors or around the vegetable patch. A bit of organic pressed champagne!"

But she will never say never and is happy to let life lead the way. "It’s a lot having a kid," she told OK! "It’s a big commitment but it’s also very rewarding. But my life will take me where it’s going to take me. It’s taken me this far and as sure as hell it’s not over yet."

The star has previously opened up about a series of pregnancy struggles she has faced, sharing that in 2020 she suffered a miscarriage and has also detailed the traumatic story of how, in 2012, she gave birth at home when her baby was only four and a half months old.

But while the star is unsure of having biological children, she is now a step-mother to five-year-old Tristan who she calls a ''magical gift.'

Earlier this year, in a sweet birthday post for Tristan shared to her Instagram, Gemma wrote, "The most magical gift. Tristan. Happy birthday to my amazing beautiful, kind, caring, funny stepson. I love you so much and you make my life happier beyond all the stars in the sky. Happy 5th Birthday I'm so lucky to have you in my life."

She has also opened up about the co-parenting situation between her partner and his ex, Tristan's mum, sharing that she has 'a very good relationship with his mum' and that 'it's been so lovely that they've [his parents have] let me be a part of their lives.'

Following the start of her and Rami's relationship two years ago, she told MailOnline, "I've got the greatest gift of all my partner gave me. I have a beautiful three-year-old stepson and have a very good relationship with his mum and it's been so lovely that they've let me be a part of their lives.

"Tristan, he's beautiful. I love him so much. He's the apple of my eye. With Tristan, our family are just so obsessed with him. And my nephews Hayden and Kane are so good with him, he's like the new little baby on the scene. They just love him as much as I do and he loves them. He's just part of our family."

But while Gemma has now revealed she is unsure whether or not she wants a child, she has previously shared her desire to have a baby and how she believes 'that the universe will come through with a child for' her.

Talking to MailOnline last year, she spoke candidly about her and partner Rami's efforts to have a baby and the advice they had received from their celebrity friends. She explained, "I was with Amy Childs at the weekend and we had a friend's wedding and she's like a guru at how to get pregnant. She was telling me that there's certain days in the month that you've got to do this. So I basically appointed her to be the head of my pregnancy."

She added, "I definitely think that the universe will come through with a child for me, definitely."

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