Is Gethin Jones married? What is he currently working on and how did he become a presenter?

From bank clerk to BBC presenter. Everything you need to know about the TV personality… is Gethin Jones married and what he is up to now?

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 You may remember Gethin blessing your screen after school back in the early noughties as a face of your childhood. But what is he up to now? Has he carried on with his presenting career and is Gethin Jones married?  

One of the nation's most loved TV presenters and currently hosting BBC Morning Live with Kym Marsh, Gethin Jones has graced our screens for over 21 years. Most notably known as a presenter, Jones has featured on numerous projects since 2002 but did not properly come into the limelight until 2005, after getting his big break when he joined BBC’s Blue Peter.

 Gethin’s TV success began after trialling countless different careers including a research assistant and even a building layer. Gethin landed a role on the Welsh channel S4C (Sianel Pedwar Cymru). On the Anything is Possible podcast episode TV success and leadership in your 40’s, Gethin revealed that while working at S4C, he “realised that TV was such an important medium for people” and joked that he “used to take complaints for telly and now I'm causing them.” Gethin has managed to keep his presenting career alive for over two decades but takes this in his stride. Jones also presented both Strictly Come Dancing and weekday show Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two, becoming an integral part of the show after stepping in due to another presenter being off ill. 

 How did Gethin Jones become famous?

Gethin spent over three and a half years on Blue Peter where he took on the role as the ‘adventure presenter’ after originally not getting the role. Discussing his path in life with friend Holly Moore on her podcast, he revealed he wasn’t originally cast in Blue Peter after being told he was “dull and boring” during the audition process. Fortunately, Gethin pushed back and reapplied, which in doing so landed him the role that propelled his career to where it is today. During his time on Blue Peter he completed many impressive tasks including walking the highest peaks of each UK country and becoming the second civilian to finish the 30-mile Royal Marine Commando.  

 Alongside presenting, Gethin has also dabbled in acting on screen and on stage, starring in Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and most recently the 2022 film I used to be famous. Gethin also appeared on stage in productions of Cinderella and The Rocky Horror Show.  

 Gethin Jones - Life before TV 

Gethin grew up playing the violin due to his mother being a violin teacher, whilst also exploring his passion for rugby which continued up until his final year at Manchester Metropolitan University before casting that dream aside. Gethin even has a pilot licence. 

 Is Gethin Jones Married?

Gethin Jones is not married. Confirming on the Anything is Possible podcast, presented by Holly Moore, that he is single, Gethin said he focuses on being in a good place with a stable income but is open to possibilities. He then goes on to talk about how it's difficult to meet someone, whether that's in work or not having your friends around to wingman you. 

Gethin was previously engaged to singer Katherine Jenkins back in 2011 but the pair split the same year. Since then it seems that Jones’s sole focus has been on himself and building his life.

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Gethin’s career progressed further in 2020 during the pandemic after filming an eight-week pilot of Morning Live. Not knowing if the show would get picked up by producers, Gethin had moved back to Cardiff and slept on his friend's sofa in London whilst filming. Luckily the show was a hit and BBC Morning Live was born. Gethin was told by show producers that the “BBC are delighted with Morning Live in Manchester ''. Coming as a shock to Gethin after only three months of moving back to London and living right next to the studio, talking to friend Holly Moore he discussed how he decided to follow this show. Now living in Manchester, Gethin is still focusing on this role. 

Gethin shared that he continues to focus on his passion to build a school for kids with Autism in Cardiff on Moore’s Anything is Possible podcast. Inspired by his nephew, this topic is very close to his heart and has always been a dream of his 

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