Love Island's Molly-Mae Hague is mum-shamed over Bambi's breastfeeding routine

The reality star has come under criticism from some mums who are 'horrified' at her actions

Love Island's Molly-Mae Hague on red carpet
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Love Island's Molly-Mae Hague has been mum-shamed over Bambi's breastfeeding routine as she reaches a 10-week milestone.

The new mum, who gave birth to her daughter Bambi back in January with boyfriend Tommy Fury, has been adjusting to motherhood. And while she's aware of the benefits of breastfeeding, Molly has outraged some mothers with her nightly breastfeeding routine.

Molly shared an update with fans on YouTube on how often her daughter feeds.

Sat cradling her daughter in her arms on the sofa, she said, "7pm is when bedtime starts and then she has a bottle at 11pm and after 11pm that's when we try to get our night's sleep, which at the minute is going a lot better.

"We are definitely getting more sleep now - I say more sleep - at the minute I am probably getting about four or five hours."

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Molly went on to explain how Bambi is going from 11pm to 7am with no milk but is "waking up all through the night" to which she says she manages to "settle her" to get her baby to sleep without a feed.

Molly-Mae explained, "She is waking up like 'hello, I want some milk' and I'm like 'you're not having milk now.'"

She added, "Around this time is when they drop feeding in the night. It's different for every baby but with her, we are trying to encourage that."

Breastfeeding is tricky for any mum with a newborn baby, even if you've got the right breastfeeding position you can still suffer from leaky and sensitive boobs.

But some mothers have raised their concerns with her routine. One user wrote, "You are doing amazing but 10 weeks is too early to not feed her during the night if she’s waking up hungry."

Another user put, "Just wanted to say (from a children’s health care professional & mum myself) that it is recommended to wean night feeds from 6-12 months, 10 weeks is a little too early, it is likely she will wake up a bit less if fed during the night (this is for both formula and breastfed babies) and it is still important for their development."

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And a third mother claimed, "It is NOT an accomplishment to starve a 10-week-old from 11pm to 7am. I am horrified. Seek knowledge please, this is child neglect."

But while some mothers choose to follow baby led weaning techniques, later in the video Molly explained she was forced to give up breastfeeding because she 'wasn't producing enough milk'. 

Molly explained, "I came on my period whilst I was breastfeeding so that was an indicator to me that I wasn't producing enough milk, my milk supply completely dried up."

"Bambi was sucking on my nipple and nothing was coming out and she was getting so upset."

So while some mums can use some of the best breast pumps to collect excess breast milk for their baby or try the 7-expert ways to increase milk supply, it looks like Molly will have to switch from breast to bottle in order to continue feeding her baby.

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Meanwhile, some fans have praised her honesty. One fan wrote, "Thank you for your honesty Molly my baby is 3 months old and it’s definitely been the hardest 3 months of my life and it’s nice to know that it’s not all sunshine and aesthetic pictures for everyone."

And another fan advised, "Congratulations on the baby! If she’s still waking for feeds, feed her. 10 weeks is still very very very small. She will still cluster feed until she’s about 4 months."

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