What does the name Bambi mean? Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury's daughter's name divides fans

Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury have named their baby girl Bambi

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague What does the name Bambi mean?
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Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury welcomed their first baby (opens in new tab) together and as they reveal they've called their newborn daughter Bambi, fans are left divided with some asking what does the name Bambi mean?

The former Love Island couple (opens in new tab) announced that they were expecting a girl (opens in new tab)back in October 2022, a month after they revealed Molly was pregnant (opens in new tab) with their first baby together.

Since then fans have wondered when the baby is due (opens in new tab) and where did Molly-Mae give birth (opens in new tab), and now they are keen to find out more about the unique baby name (opens in new tab) Bambi.

And since Oliver was knocked off the top baby name (opens in new tab) spot, would you name your baby after a Disney character? (opens in new tab) the baby name (opens in new tab) choice has divided fans...

What does the name Bambi mean?

The name Bambi is a girls' name of Italian baby name (opens in new tab) origin from 'Bambino' ('baby') meaning "baby girl" but you might have heard the name before as it was also the name given to the male deer in the 1942 Disney movie Bambi, according to Nameberry (opens in new tab). Its popularity gave it a ranking of 683 in 2022 and it's likely that the name will be even more popular now.

Famous people named Bambi

There are three famous people with the name Bambi - Australian model Bambi Norwood, American singer Bambi Monroe and American adult film actress Bambi Woods.

Aside from the Disney character, there was a character called Bambi in The X Files.

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Tommy has gushed over how Molly-Mae has taken to being a new mum. He wrote, "The best mummy in the entire world. Watching how you care for Bambi makes me love you more than I knew I could. You're everything I could have ever dreamed of for a mum and role model for our perfect girl. Thank you for making my dreams come true babe, I love you."

But some fans are divided over the animal-inspired baby name (opens in new tab), one fan put, "Cute name." another added, "By definition, Bambi means baby girl. Think it's pretty cool."

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And a third fan penned, "Omg I just can't I got tears in my eyes, but happy tears congratulations Tommy and your true beauty's Molly Mae and Bambi such a beautiful unique name. God bless you." 

But one fan disagreed and wrote, "Did you call the kid Bambi ??? Lol really that’s a deer. Stupid name. You had 9 months to figure it out and that’s the name. Cute kid but ridiculous name and as she grows up she will be teased about it. I live in Canada and that name is not a favourite of anyone’s."

One more asked, "Is Bambi the nickname?"

Molly-Mae has since defended (opens in new tab) another mum being trolled over a controversial baby name choice.

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