“I get in the bath and cry a lot about it because it is hard” Megan Fox on the reality of co-parenting

The Transformers actress opens up about her experience – and it's pretty heartbreaking

Megan Fox attends the World Premiere of "Good Mourning"
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Megan Fox is proving she’s just like any other mum who co-parents, admitting time away from her children is difficult to deal with. 

It appears that even celebrities aren’t immune to the struggles of co-parenting, with the likes of Shakira, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez all trying to navigate their new normal. 

Megan Fox is the latest A-lister to open up about the impact that co-parenting has on her. The Expend4bles star shares her three sons Noah, 11, Bodhi, nine and Journey, seven, with ex-husband Brian Austin Green, and have both been navigating co-parenting since their divorce in 2020. 

Seemingly in their groove with it all, the 90210 actor previously said he and Megan “co-parent really well together” on Entertainment Weekly, and both respect each other’s time with the kids. 

In a separate interview, Megan has been candid about the mum guilt she experiences when she’s not with her kids. She told Glamour UK: “It's hard to not feel obligated to be with them all the time or to constantly feel like I'm not doing a good enough job.”

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox and ex-husband Brian Austin Green

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The Jennifer’s Body actress also said how much the separation affects her, and ensuring they spend ample time with each parent is a challenge: “I can only have them half of the time… that just is what it is.

“I get in the bath and cry a lot about it because it is hard and not because of pressures that anybody else or society puts on you, but it is just hard being separated from them in that way.”

According to reports, their amicable co-parenting relationship seems to be dwindling, as she recently responded to Brian’s criticism saying that she was an absent mother. 

Megan, who is now engaged to rapper Machine Gun Kelly, accused Brian of trying to score ‘Dad points’ when he posted a picture of him and their son with the same caption she used on a photo with Machine Gun Kelly. 

Instagram account @commentsbycelebs that scours the platform for, you guessed it, comments made by celebrities, screen-grabbed this from Megan: “I had a great Halloween with them yesterday, and yet notice how absent they are from my social media. I know you love your kids. But I don't know why you can't stop using them to posture via social media.

“You’re so intoxicated with feeding the pervasive narrative that I’m an absent mother, and you are the perennial, eternally dedicated dad of the year," she continued. "You have them half of the time. Congratulations you truly are a remarkable human!”

Every co-parenting dynamic is different, and while this new situation can be difficult, know that you're doing your best for the needs of your children, and that's good enough. 

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