Carole Middleton has spent the entire Easter break with grandchildren Prince George, Charlotte and Louis - and enjoyed a surprise ‘low-key’ outing with son-in-law Prince William over the weekend

The grandmother is doing everything she can to help the Wales children through Kate Middleton's cancer diagnosis

Carole Middleton
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An inside source has revealed that Carole Middleton spent the entire Easter school holiday with her grandchildren Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis - and was treated to a ‘low-key’ outing with her son-in-law Prince William to blow off some steam. 

Everyone was shocked when Kate Middleton announced that she had been diagnosed with cancer last month, with well-wishers instantly flooding the Princess with messages of support like her brother James Middleton who shared a sweet childhood photo of him and his sister as he promised to stick by her throughout her journey. 

But, despite the support, it's obviously been an incredibly difficult time for the Wales family. The news of Kate's diagnosis was likely 'sugarcoated' for the children but that doesn't mean the pill was necessarily any easier to swallow. Thankfully, the children have took the news in their stride and are keen to help their mum throughout her health struggles, proving they're just as resilient as their mum

The kids aren't the only ones who are keen to help out. Kate's mother Carole Middleton has also selflessly stepped up to show her support and has been going the extra mile to support everyone she can. She has reportedly become a real-life ‘Mary Poppins’ for George, Charlotte and Louis - and her latest grandparenting duties prove that more than anything.   

After the Waleses made a surprise family trip to celebrate Easter in their Norfolk holiday home of Amner Hall, Carole reportedly joined the family there and has spent the children's school break with them. 

The news was shared by columnist Richard Eden who claims that Carole was spotted out on a 'low-key' pub visit with her son-in-law Prince William last weekend in Norfolk, with the Prince likely taking her out to say thank you and give her a little break from the chaos of a home with three young children in it! 

Eden wrote in The MailOnline, "I'm told he [William] popped into a pub in North Norfolk at the weekend with his mother-in-law, who is said to have been staying with the Prince and Princess of Wales for Easter.

"It’s a reflection of their closeness that William is more likely to be seen with Carole Middleton these days than he is with old pals."

He added that the pub trip was a "low-key" affair and that there was "no sign" of Kate on the outing. 

It's no surprise that Carole has keenly stepped in to help her family when they need it most. She has long spoken about the joy she takes in being a grandmother and previously told The Telegraph that her "family are paramount" to her and "come first" no matter what. 

We're sure that both Kate and William are hugely grateful to Carole for her help, especially considering science has shown that children who have a good relationship with their grandparents have less behavioural and emotional problems - though George, Charlotte and Louis have never been more than cutely mischievous in public. 

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