Inside Kate and William's 'realistic' coronation parenting - and how they planned for a Prince Louis mini meltdown

The Prince and Princess of Wales proved they have a top tier parenting style

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte
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Kate Middleton and Prince William have a 'realistic' coronation parenting style and how they planned for a Prince Louis mini meltdown has been revealed.

Kate Middleton and Prince William proved they have a 'realistic' coronation parenting style during the King's Coronation as they had a nanny on hand to support Prince Louis when he tired.

The Wales family all attended the historical event, with Prince George having an 'formal' role in the proceedings as one of the Page of Honors. And for the King's coronation it was Prince Louis' first large-scale engagement, as he was previously missing from the late Queen Elizabeth II's funeral.

One of his big debuts was at the Easter Service where he attended church with his parents and siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

But with Prince Louis, who celebrated his fifth birthday earlier this month, expected to be involved in most of the full day coronation schedule, keeping still and following orders would be a challenging feat for most children, and it appears a royal one is no different.

Princess Charlotte proved she's frugal  and just like the rest of us earlier this week when she followed the three-second-rule after dropping some marshmallow on the floor during a volunteering visit to the Scouts, and Prince Louis' attention span is no different to a regular five-year-old. so it comes as no surprise that his behavior at the coronation was expected to waver.

Cue the yawning in Westminster Abbey...and in the royal carriage...

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But according to Page Six, the Wales' had seamless plan to intervene with a nanny on standby and it almost went unnoticed - as Prince Louis appeared to briefly leave the service, at about an hour and a half in, but returned to sit with his family and sing God Save the King as his grandparents Charles and Queen Camilla left Westminster Abbey.

0ne fan tweeted, "I’m guessing, given he seems to have vanished, Prince Louis has been taken outside by someone for a run round the car park, as he was getting a bit fidgety."

And another fan joked, "Assume Prince Louis reached tipping point. He vanished a while ago. Either that or he’s crawling around tying shoelaces together."

Meanwhile, Kate has previously been praised for her parenting style which is a 'relatable' mix of traditional and modern elements.

Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, Prince William and Kate Middleton

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Stephanie Lowe, mom to Ted, and Family Editor at said, "A huge part of being a parent is trying to stay one step ahead and pre-empting your kid's needs. It's s a biggie and it can be a toughie. For example Kate recognizing that the coronation ceremony is long and boring for a five-year-old and having a plan to help him sets Prince Louis up for success rather than the inevitable behavior falling off a cliff because he's tired, disengaged or hungry.

"It really is in line with her responsive parenting style. Top tier mumming. It was a HUGE ask to expect kids to sit through that and they nailed it."

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