Kate Middleton has made ‘confident choice’ to ‘be more hands-on with her children’ as she prepares to become Queen, says royal expert

"She has faced a significant amount of criticism and she refuses to change course"

Kate Middleton
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A royal expert has shared their belief that, despite criticism over her prioritisation of her kids, Kate Middleton will continue to ‘be more hands-on with her children’ than previous royals as she prepares to become Queen. 

When Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot back in 2011, their thoughts and plans for their life together were likely not all that dissimilar from your average couple's. They probably wondered where they would settle down as a family, and when they would begin trying for a baby while consulting fertility tips and an Ovulation Calculator

Of course, they had the added pressure of continuing on the royal line of succession when it came to their babies, which is added stress any pregnancy could do without. But Kate was determined right from the outset to do things differently with her kids and, despite all the criticism she has faced for it, she's put her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis ahead of every royal duty since their births. 

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield painted a picture of the 'stoic' mother when speaking to GB News. She said, "The Princess of Wales is stoic, stays above the fray, and focuses on her job... which is serving the public and raising her children.

"While I am confident that she will continue to prioritise motherhood, we can look forward to her becoming a much bigger part of the royal agenda."

Kate has long picked up flack for a perceived lack of royal duty. It's true that she undertakes significantly less engagements than other royals but Schofield believes this is a conscious, 'confident' choice from the mother-of-three who 'refuses' to bow to pressure and change her plans. 

"I believe we are seeing Catherine prepare to be Queen in the stance she's taken to be more hands-on with her children," she said. "That is a confident choice she made. She has faced a significant amount of criticism over it and she refuses to change course."

Kate is currently recovering in hospital from a 'pre-planned' abdominal surgery and her recovery period means she will be out of royal action until Easter at the earliest. While she is absent from the family home, Prince William has stepped back from royal duties and is holding down the fort, looking after George, Charlotte and Louis at home. 

With King Charles III also taking a break from royal duties due to his own health issues, we're left with very few working royals to attend every engagement in the royal calendar. Perhaps her current absence will make people realise Kate's worth as a royal, they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder after all. 

Charlie Elizabeth Culverhouse
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