Kate Middleton will ‘miss Prince George desperately’ when he goes to Eton as she and Prince William make ‘unthinkable’ decision to send him to boarding school

The Prince and Princess of Wales have reportedly been ‘arguing’ over Prince George’s future

Kate Middleton and Prince George
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A royal expert has shared how Kate Middleton will miss her son Prince George ‘desperately’ as she has reportedly ‘given in’ to royal pressure and agreed to send him to boarding school when he turns 13. 

Prince George’s future is set in stone. As second in the royal line of succession, he is heir to the throne and, alongside his two siblings, will receive some impressive royal titles when his dad becomes King. However, there have reportedly been a lot of ‘arguments’ within both The Firm and the Wales family about what George’s future will look like before he becomes King and his mum Kate Middleton likely isn’t happy about what’s been decided. 

While it’s currently half-term, George is still preparing for his upcoming exams, leaving Kate to break this royal protocol to ‘support’ him through the hectic time. These exams, it has been speculated, will cement whether or not George is accepted into the prestigious Eton College which both his dad, Prince William, and uncle, Prince Harry, attended when they were younger. But while everyone wants their kids to ace their exams and do as well as they can on any test put in front of them, we can’t help but wonder if Kate would rather he flunk the questions and leave Eton as an impossibility. 

That’s because, according to inside sources, Kate doesn’t want George to board at Eton College while Prince William and The Firm both want him sent to the boarding school full time. The tension is reportedly causing ‘arguments’ and, according to an inside source, Kate has now ‘given in’ to William’s wish.

Kate Middleton and Prince George

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The source told InTouch, "Kate long disagreed with her husband about sending him [George] away, even though it’s tradition. Kate thinks sending him to such a stuffy, upper-crust institution goes against all of their efforts to modernise the monarchy. Plus, she’ll miss George desperately. She and William argued about it for years, but he has finally won.”

The news is not just upsetting for Kate but has caused ripples throughout the royal world. One royal expert believes that, by planning to send George to a traditional boarding school, William and Kate have gone against the ‘model of a modern monarchy’ they have built, a model that many believed would change the monarchy as we know it into a more modern institution. 

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond told OK! Magazine, “Where to send your children to school divides many a married couple - particularly those who have been sent away to board themselves.

"If George is indeed to board one day at Eton, Kate and William will have shown they have bowed to royal - and aristocratic - tradition. I think that’s rather sad. They have been the model of a modern monarchy so far and I would like to see them continue as a tight family unit, with the children coming home each day after school.”

But, as the expert points out, George still has a few years before Eton is a possibility, even if he does pass his upcoming exams. The school only takes on children aged 13 and above and George is still only 10. In those three years, Bond believes a compromise can come into existence. 

"A possible compromise could be weekly boarding, or an ad hoc system that some schools now adopt,” she said. “But perhaps they believe there are real benefits from children learning to be independent from a young age.”

She added, "Also, I suppose they must consider the idea that they could become King and Queen whilst their children are still of school age and their jobs will become even more full time than at present.

"Perhaps it is the practical solution. For me, though, it is unthinkable to have children and then send them away to be looked after by someone else."

If George does not go to Eton, he may still go off to a boarding school but one a lot closer to home. Kate Middleton sparked this speculation when she recently visited her old school Marlborough College in Wiltshire which she attended in the 1990s. This co-educational boarding school was reportedly ‘beloved’ by Kate when she attended and perhaps could offer a good compromise when the time comes for George to go off on his new adventure. 

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