Meghan Markle reveals royal-approved sport she wants to teach Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet

The youngsters will be carrying on a long-standing royal tradition

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Meghan Markle has shared that she wants Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet to learn how to ski when they are older, getting them into the sport beloved by royals for decades. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's appearances at The Invictus Games have given royal fans a lot of insight into their lives. From Harry's body language showing he has 'reconnected with himself’ and ‘has a sense of peace’ and now appears to be a ‘very different’ man since moving his family to the US, to the smooth way Harry handled an utterly 'adorable' meeting with young fans to his funny reaction to Meghan Markle's impressive karaoke moment, The Games have put the couple into the spotlight and they've thrived inside in. 

While the couple did not being their two young children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, to the events, we did get a bit of insight into how they are doing at home. Meghan previously shared that she was 'late' to The Games as she was looking after the youngsters, but she also shared that she hopes to bring them to the event in the future - and perhaps they may even get to compete as she revealed she wants them both to learn how to ski! 

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During a party at The Games, Meghan spoke with Bridget Bridge, the wife of an IG25 board member, and revealed that she really wants her kids to learn to ski. Bridget told The Mirror, "Meghan said that she really wanted her children to learn to ski and that maybe Whistler was the ideal place. She said she didn’t ski so we told her they must come and learn.”

Whistler, which is located in British Columbia, Canada, is where The Invictus Games will be taking place in 2025. Perhaps we can expect Archie and Lilibet to be in attendance as they get their first taste of the snowy slopes and get involved with the sport that's enticed royals for decades. 

The location is one that Harry has previously shared his love for. Paul Ledwell, deputy minister of veterans affairs in Canada, told The Mirror, “He [Harry] spoke about how peaceful and healing Canada is, and a little less hot than it has been here [in Germany] this week. The 2025 Games will be the first time they come back to our country. They were speaking about how much they love Canada and said they couldn’t wait to come back."

Skiing has long been a royal-approved sport, with Princess Diana and King Charles III often taking their sons Prince William and Prince Harry to various countries so they could enjoy the slopes.

It's likely that Prince Harry will want to carry on the family tradition by taking his own family on skiing holidays, much like Prince William does with his three young children.

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But it's perhaps not just the tradition drawing royals to skiing, but the 'anonymity' it offers thanks to both the high cost of the sport and the equipment you have to wear when doing it. 

Speaking in the Channel 5 documentary The Royals on Holiday, travel expert Simon Calder explained, "The royals love high-end skiing resorts because they know they are not going to meet the sort of people who stick a smartphone in their face and demand a selfie.

"Instead they are in refined company with very very high net worth individuals. For decades he [King Charles III] loved going to Klosters which is partly because it is in one of the loveliest parts of The Alps, Eastern Switzerland, close to the border of Lichtenstein but its also because as well as great skiing it offers great discretion. 

"You most certainly are not going to meet package holidaymakers from Britain if you are in Klosters."

Similarly, Camilla Tominey, associate editor of the Daily Telegraph, added, "There's one reason why the royals really enjoy skiing because if they've got masks and helmets on them no one can see them and they can go about the slopes largely unbothered.

"Yes, they have to take their bodyguards with them. One thing that is interesting over the last few years is you have to have bodyguards who can ski."

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