Mike Tindall's grandmother was ‘dead against’ his marriage to Zara Phillips

The couple just celebrated their 12 year wedding anniversary

Mike and Zara Tindall
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Mike Tindall's dad has revealed that the royal's grandmother was ‘dead against’ his marriage to Zara Phillips as 'she thought the wedding would be shunned.'

Mike and Zara Tindall have just recently celebrated their 12-year wedding anniversary, a celebration that more than marked their unwavering love for one another, but also proved one of Mike's relative's reservations to be misplaced.

The couple met back in 2003 at an Australian bar in Sydney's Manly Wharf and, according to Mike, they bonded over 'getting smashed'. The pair were both watching the Rugby World Cup semi-final when they were introduced and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Their compatibility is seemingly written in the stars with both of their star signs placing them under the 'watchful eye of the Goddess of love' and the pair's approach to both their love-life and raising their children is incredibly in synch. 

They both rely on ‘child-led parenting methods’ to bring up their three children and Mike has previously revealed their mantra that deems they ‘enjoy the moment’ and ‘deal with the next day later.’

But while it is clear now that the pair are perfect for one another, there was one relative of Mike's who was unsure about the match. 

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In a 2020 interview with The Sunday Times, Mike's father Philip Tindall revealed that his wife's mum was 'dead against' the match as she feared Mike would be 'shunned' by the Royal Family.

He explained, "Linda's mum [Mike's maternal grandmother] was dead against it. In her day, royalty married royalty and she thought the wedding would be shunned."

Thankfully for Mike, his grandmother never had to worry as he was welcomed into the fold by the Royal Family with open arms. Philip shared, "Right from the start the whole family was just lovely."

Unfortunately, Mike's grandmother never got the chance to meet Zara, but Philip believes that she would have undoubtedly approved of the couple. He said, "I know she'd have loved her as much as we do because she and Mike are perfect for each other."

Mia Tindall with Zara Tindall and Mike Tindall attend a memorial service for the Duke of Edinburgh at Westminster Abbey on March 29, 2022 in London

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Clearly, his grandmother's reservations did not worry Mike in the slightest. According to The Daily Record, following their wedding, the royal previously said, "I've never been in love before, but Zara is the love of my life. No doubt."

Following their 2011 wedding, the couple postponed their honeymoon as they both had prior sporting commitments to attend to - talk about a match made in heaven! Wasting no time, the same week as their wedding took place, Mike returned to Rugby training while Olympian equestrian Zara competed in the Gatcombe Park horse trials.

When they did finally get away three months after their nuptials, the couple retreated to Cyprus where they relaxed in the five-star Columbia Beach Resort near Limassol.

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