Prince William faces cheeky questions from fans as Kate Middleton cradles baby during charity visit

Prince William's royal training was put to the test when answering this cheeky question

Prince William and Kate Middleton
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Prince William was caught off guard by a fan's daring question as Kate Middleton cradled a baby during the couple's surprise trip to Northern Ireland.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's recent surprise trip to Northern Ireland has left many royal fans talking about the pair. From Kate's powder blue coat and her stunning gemstone earrings, to her and Prince William showing off their cocktail making skills, the trip has been a huge success. 

The pair also visited Carrick Connect, a charity based which offers support services to local young people experiencing social or emotional difficulties. During their visit, Kate and William met with people connected with the organisation, including a mum who was holding her young baby son. 

Knowing that the Princess has a soft spot for babies, the mum asked her, "Would you like to nurse him?" In a video of the interaction, Kate's face light's up at the suggestion as she shoots her husband an excited look before replying, "I'd love too."

As the mother-of-three held the infant in her arms, William is seen giving her a  smile and joking: "More babies, more babies. Catherine loves cuddling babies."

One lady who was part of the group, then see's an opportunity to talk to the prince and dares to ask him a very cheeky question. She asks lightheartedly, "Are you going to try tonight, Sir?"

William's immediate response is not clear in the video, but once he recovers from the straightforward question, he appears to jokily reply, "That's how it ends."

Kate Middleton meeting the crowd

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This interaction was the second time in as many days that Kate was spotted cradling a baby during official engagements. Just the day before, Kate was invited to hold a premature baby called Bianca during her visit to the maternity unit at the Royal Surrey County Hospital - something she did very tenderly. 

Heartwarming images show Kate chatting to the baby's mother, Ms Novak, while the tiny Bianca looks at home in her arms. As she looked down at Bianca, Kate said, "She's very sweet."

Kate Middleton and Prince William visit Northern Ireland

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Afterwards, Ms Novak said, "I asked her if she wanted to hold her and she opted for it. I can't blame her. (Bianca) is cute. (The princess) was lovely to speak to. I was really impressed. You don't feel like you have classes between you. It's really nice."

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