Prince William is ‘watching with pride’ as Princess Charlotte takes over as the Royal Family’s ‘class prefect’ claims body language expert

“Charlotte seems to be keen to show how quickly she is growing up and how little parenting she needs now”

Prince William and Princess Charlotte
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A body language expert has highlighted the close relationship between Prince William and Princess Charlotte, saying that the Prince is ‘watching with pride’ as his only daughter becomes the Royal Family’s ‘class prefect.’

Prince William and Kate Middleton have always prioritised parenting above all else - even their royal duties. As well as moving their family away from the 'goldfish bowl' of London to give their kids more privacy, something that the parents are especially concerned with now the children are on their school holidays, they're blazing their own path and preparing Prince George, who turns 10 later this month, for his future role as King by taking inspiration from Kate's non-royal upbringing

They're not afraid to break the rules or deviate from royal tradition and their relatable parenting, like their thrifty approach to clothes that just saw Princess Charlotte rewear last year's summer dress, has been a hit with royal fans and experts alike. 

But more importantly, their approach to parenting has clearly had a positive impact on their young children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. For the couple's only daughter, Prince William's hands-on parenting style means they share a special father-daughter relationship that's now been highlighted by body language expert Judi James.

Prince William and Princess Charlotte at King's Trooping the Colour on Buckingham Palace balcony

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Speaking to Marie Claire, body language expert Judi James said, “In 2020, William and Kate took their three children to the panto and, although William arrived holding small daughter Charlotte’s hand, she swiftly pulled away once they reached the red carpet to walk in by herself.

"The gesture probably defines the special father-daughter relationship well. William has always been a very even-handed dad in terms of play, affection rituals, and attention-giving, but his three children have very different personalities, and his daughter is probably the most confident and independent right now.”

“While George was happy to hold his dad’s hand for longer and while Louis prefers to tear around entertaining the crowds, Charlotte seems to be keen to show how quickly she is growing up and how little parenting she needs now."

Princess Charlotte hair plaited half up and half down

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But it doesn't matter how grown-up she wishes to be, Prince William's ace parenting skills are always appreciated by the young Princess. 

“The affection tie-signs are still there from William and still apparently very much appreciated by Charlotte,” says Judi James. “William will still stroke her hair in a reward gesture or as a comforting act at more challenging events like the Jubilee celebrations, but he is increasingly watching with pride as his daughter takes over as ‘class prefect’ when it comes to her two brothers and their behaviour at formal events.

“The strong father-daughter bonds were visible at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, when Charlotte attended with her parents but without her siblings. She [Charlotte] can often be seen mimicking her mother’s body language, but at a more relaxed event like this, it was William that Charlotte was mirroring most, showing a subliminal bonding and empathy between them.”

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