Princess Charlotte 'tells on' Prince George for doing this gross thing during King Charle's birthday parade, lip reader reveals

The Wales youngster is ever keeping her big brother's behaviour in check

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis sat in royal carriage
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Princess Charlotte 'tells on' Prince George for doing this gross thing during King Charle's birthday parade, a lip reader has revealed.

Princess Charlotte is quick to tell on Prince George for 'wiping his sneeze on his trousers' during the King's birthday parade.

The Wales youngster was riding in the royal carriage with Queen Camilla, her mum Kate and brothers Prince George and Prince Louis when she witnessed the gross habit. 

Princess Charlotte is steadily becoming the 'standout star' and seen as the sibling in charge during royal engagements.

And while Prince Louis is normally the sibling with the 'cheeky behaviour', this time it's understood that it was Prince George who wasn't sticking to royal protocol by doing a gross thing after he sneezed while taking part in the Trooping the Colour Horse Guards parade.

Prince George and Prince Louis

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Prince George sneezed and while mum Kate reportedly told him, "Bless you", Charlotte is claimed to have spotted her brother's next move - instead of using a tissue, the future king is said to have wiped his snotty hands down his trousers.

According to lip reader Jeremy Freeman, Charlotte then grassed him up to their mum, just incase she missed his post-sneeze reaction.

He told the Daily Star that Charlotte is understood to have said, "Mum, George wiped it on his trousers.”

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The sneeze prompted one fan to ask, "I wonder if he is allergic to horses like his mum!"

Kate previously revealed "I'm allergic to horses" when giving a reason for why she doesn't play polo. And two years later the Princess was said to have been trying to overcome her allergy through exposure.

Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte

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Earlier on during the carriage ride, Prince Louis pegged his nose at the smell of the horses.

But one royal fan has praised George for his manners, "So proud of Prince George how he handled his sneeze. Very nice manners and he conducting him self very maturely for a young boy. He parents should be very proud."

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