Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis may not become working royals as Prince William shares his dad’s vision for a ‘smaller’ monarchy, insider reveals

What will the Prince and Princess of Wales's youngest two children do for work if they don't join The Firm?

Prince William with Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis
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A friend of Prince William’s has revealed that his plans for the future of the monarchy don’t include his youngest children Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis - so what will they do when they grow up? 

Ever since King Charles III took to the throne, his plans for streamlining the monarchy have been a hot topic. Largely, we haven't seen any streamlining, especially since both the King and Kate Middleton, who is a senior member of The Firm, have been out of action due to their health struggles. 

But while King Charles hasn't executed his plans to have less working royals, it appears that Prince William may undertake the same approach when he becomes King - and two very important royals are being left out of his future plans because of it.

Speaking to GBNews, a close friend of the Prince of Wales has revealed that his two youngest children, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, will not become working royals when they grow up despite sitting third and fourth in the royal line of succession as their dad has a new vision for The Firm that doesn't include them. 

"When the older members of the family retire, His Royal Highness won't be inviting anyone else to become working royals. It remains to be seen if he will even want his two younger children to be working royals."

The source added, "He [Prince William] sees the small European monarchies as the model for the future."

So if Charlotte and Louis will not join their brother Prince George, who is heir to the throne, and become senior working members of the Royal Family alongside the current top members, Kate Middleton, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and the Duchess of Edinburgh, what will they do instead? 

It's likely that they will follow in the footsteps of royal relatives like Lady Louise Windsor, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie - or perhaps Zara and Mike Tindall. All of them have 'normal jobs,' and have undertaken a range of passions through their work, from Lady Louise working part-time in a garden centre to Princess Beatrice working as a strategist at a technology firm called Afiniti

If they do follow their own dream careers, it is possible that Charlotte could become a nurse. In the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, a source told The Mirror that the youngster was impressed by the NHS's work and revealed to her parents that she wanted to work in a hospital. 

"She’s obviously just a little kid but still, Will and Kate swelled with pride. She’s such a caring little girl who also knows what she wants, so they wouldn’t be surprised if she does take on nursing as one of her big causes when she’s older," they revealed.

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