Princess Diana left the bulk of her fortune to sons Prince William and Prince Harry - but there’s one thing from her childhood they’ll never inherit and the real heir is surprising

Princess Diana's two sons inherited a lot of their mother's belongings when she died, but they're set to miss out on one very special item

Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry
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Prince William and Prince Harry inherited most of their mother Princess Diana's £13million fortune when she died but there is one vital family heirloom they will never get to own; Princess Diana’s family home. So who will inherit it? 

We all know that you should write a will when you become a parent. It's equal parts practical and morbid but knowing how to write a will and what not to include in one is important knowledge for anyone - especially when they become a parent.

When Princess Diana died suddenly in 1997, her comprehensive will meant the bulk of her impressive £13million fortune, which included a number of priceless jewellery pieces, went to her two sons, the then 15-year-old Prince William and 12-year-old Prince Harry. 

But while the two teenagers inherited, among many items, Diana's stock investments, her clothing, and her £17 million divorce settlement from King Charles, William and Harry did not, and will never, inherit their mother's childhood home, Althorp Estate, where she is buried

The real heir to the vast estate is, surprisingly, an actor. It will pass down to Louis Spencer, William and Harry's cousin, the son of Diana's brother Earl Charles Spencer who currently owns the estate. 

The heir is all the more surprising as he has not one, not two, but three older siblings. That's because, while the royal line of succession was amended to not let daughters loose their positions when younger brothers were born, the lineage of the earldom has had no such update and Louis' three older siblings, all sisters, will miss out. 

Louis' sister Kitty understands the rules around the lineage but has admitted that it's a 'tricky' topic. In an interview with Town and Country, she previously shared, "Primogeniture can be a tricky topic, because as times are changing, attitudes are as well. We've grown up understanding that it's Louis to inherit, and Louis will do an incredible job."

So what do we know about the future Earl Louis Spencer? Well, despite his acting career, which you would think would make him a very public figure, not a whole lot is known about the heir. 

He studied at the University of Edinburgh before going on to enrol at a drama school in Chiswick, London. He is now represented by Tavistock Wood talent agency when it comes to his on screen work. 

Speaking about his personality, a source previously told The Telegraph of Louis, "He's super private and gets on quietly with his thing. He's a very talented actor and, I think, will be a brilliant one. You'd like him. He's very low-key and genuine, decent and kind and tall."

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