Prince George’s future career plans have a sweet connection to his uncle Prince Harry

The young Prince is hoping to follow in his uncle's footsteps

Prince Harry and Prince George
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Prince William has hinted at the job his son Prince George hopes to do when he grows up and it has a sweet connection to the youngsters uncle, Prince Harry

Prince George may only be 10-years-old, but his future is set out in stone. As second in the royal line of succession, he is the heir to the throne and will become King after his father Prince William. But, until that happens, he's got his heart set on a very different career path. 

Every child has a dream job when they're growing up. A recent study gave some surprising insight into today's teenagers career plans, showing that the approach to work is changing. But George's wished for job is a more traditional one and was revealed by Prince William during a garden party at Buckingham Palace .

As per reports in The Mirror, William shared that George has a growing passion for planes, so much so that he believes his son could be a 'potential pilot in the making.' The passion is one that's more attainable than George's previous dream job of being a police officer as, while as a royal he cannot join law enforcement, there have been many royals before him who made a career as a pilot. 

As well as William himself once working as a pilot for the air ambulance service in East Anglia when he was younger, George's uncle Prince Harry served as an Apache helicopter pilot during one of his tours of Afghanistan. This connection is something that may have actually inspired George to look into planes and being a pilot as experts recently told that it's very normal for kids to go into family-favourite careers, just as one Bridgerton star who has very famous parents did. 

The young royal's passion is one that one royal expert believes will be bittersweet for Harry, reminding him 'of everything he is missing' out on by not having a close relationship with his nephew. 

Royal author and expert Tom Quinn told The Mirror, "William's hints that his son George might follow in his footsteps and become a pilot will certainly remind Harry of everything he is missing – after all Harry was himself a helicopter pilot and would love to entertain his nephew with tales of his own time in the air.

"It's a sad reminder that he has no relationship at all with George."

But while George doesn't have his uncle on hand to speak about all things pilot-related with, he's still honing his passion and his piloting skills just fine. In fact, he's been doing so since he was just a toddler! Back in 2017 when he was just four-years-old, he joined his parents on a visit to Germany and Poland where he was seen  being shown the helicopters at Hamburg Airport and getting very excited over being so up close and personal with them. 

One person who was present at the airport told The Telegraph, as per The Mirror, "George was excited, with the first helicopter he wanted to sit in the cockpit, and then he wanted to sit in the next one, he already knew there was a difference between them."

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