The Midnight Club on Netflix explained and will there be a Season 2?

All you need to know about The Midnight Club on Netflix.

The Midnight Club cast Ruth Codd, Sauriyan Sapkota, Igby Rigney, Annarah Cymone, Iman Benson, Aya Furukawa, Adia
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As we head into Halloween decorating   season, The Midnight Club on Netflix will provide you with a different dose of sinister stories, as fans wonder what it's all about and ask will there will be a Season 2? 

It's not your typical horror story - at a hospice for terminally ill young adults, eight patients come together every night at midnight to tell each other tales - and make a pact that the next of them to die will give the group a sign from the beyond. 

So while you won't be scared out of your senses, here's why you might want to swap the pillow for a pack of tissues...

What is The Midnight Club based on?

The Midnight Club is based on the 1994 novel of the same name (The Midnight Club) as well as other works by Christopher Pike. In a hospice for teens the friends meet every night to share spine-chilling stories. Some are invented, some true. The strangest are a mixture of the two.

Diagnosed with terminal thyroid cancer, Ilonka relocates to a hospice centre for teens upon failure of medical treatment and it's here that she meets members of "the midnight club".

But one fan warned that the story is "not what it seems" and explained, "I expected a teenage thriller with some soon-to-be-dead teens meeting an (even more) untimely end when one of their former friends returns from beyond the grave. This was not what I received. The book was actually a touching book about teens with cancer learning to come-to-terms with their illnesses, and Pike offering a heart-warming reason for why people suffer seemingly unnecessarily. Although not what I expected the story itself is beautifully written and an enjoyable read..."

Another fan wrote, "I first read this book as a teenager myself, about eleven years ago and still read it from time to time. It never fails to move me or bring me to tears. Highly recommended, but be warned this isn't a horror story if that's what you're expecting."

And a third praised, "The midnight club is a group of teenager living in a hospice and living out their final days. They meet in the middle of the night and tell stories of love, horror and life. One by one each member succumbs to their illness-this is the only book that has reduced me to tears. Christopher Pike is a truly talented writer."

The Netflix adaptation does feature plenty of jump moments and humour.

What's The Midnight Club?

The Midnight Club is the name given to eight members of the Brightcliffe Home hospice who are terminally ill young adults that have forged a friendship and they meet each night at midnight to tell each other scary stories and to look for signs of the supernatural from the beyond. Meanwhile, the hospice is run by an enigmatic doctor.

Iman Benson plays Ilonka, Ruth Codd plays Anya, Igby Rigney plays Kevin, Annarah Cymone plays Sandra, Aya Furukawa plays Natsuki, Adia plays Cheri, Sauriyan Sapkota plays Amesh, and Chris Sumpter plays Spencer while Heather Langenkamp plays the role of Dr Georgina Stanton.

The Midnight Club

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Will there be a Season 2 of The Midnight Club?

There are no plans yet for Netflix to renew The Midnight Club for a second season, its creator Mike Flanagan has a plan for multiple seasons of the series. The first season is 10 episodes long and follows the teens as they live out the end of their short lives at the hospice and share scary stories to help them cope with the inevitable, all while supernatural forces loom around.

Igby Rigney, Annarah Cymone, Adia, Iman Benson, Ruth Codd, Chris Sumpter, Sauriyan Sapkota

(Image credit: Netflix)

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