What channel will Neighbours be on in the UK? Everything we know so far

After saying what they thought to be their final farewells, Neighbours is back. Here’s everything you need to know about what channel Neighbours will be on and who the cast are.

Misha Barton (Reece Sinclair) holding Ramsay Street sign
Misha Barton holding Neighbours 'Ramsay St' sign
(Image credit: Amazon Freevee)

After what the world believed to be the end of the much-loved Australian soap that started many stars' careers including Margot Robbie, Kylie, and Jason  Donovan, Neighbours is returning but not to TV. So, we answer; what channel will Neighbours be airing on in the UK? 

What channel will Neighbours be on in the UK? How to watch 

Neighbours will air on Amazon’s Free ad-supported streaming service ‘Freevee’. The new series started on Monday 18th September 2023, and a new episode will be added to the site every day from Monday to Thursday. Picked up by Freevee after being dropped by Channel 5, Neighbours episodes airing times will still proceed to follow the old format.  

 Neighbours cast 2023 


Neighbours’ Twitter account confirmed the return of Guy Pearce reprising his role as Mike Young. 

Alongside Guy, other fellow cast members returning to our screens are Stefan Dennie as Paul Robinson, Alan Fletcher as Dr Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kennedy, Ryan Moloney as Toadie Rebecchi and Rebekah Elmaloglou as Terese Willis. It is speculated that many more previous cast members will appear.


Along with the recurring characters, the 2023 series is showcasing many fresh new faces including Trevor the dog on The Neighbours of Ramsey St

Mischa Barton will star as Reece Sinclair, an American new to Erinsborough. Barton is best  known for her role in The OC as Marissa Cooper. The Varga-Murphy family will also be among the fresh faces flooding Erinsborough with Sara West as Cara Varga-Murphy, Riley Bryant as JJ Varga-Murphy, Naomi Rukavina as Remi Varga-Murphy and Marley Williams as Dex Varga-Murphy. 

 Have David, Nicolette and Aaron left? 


Aaron, David and Nicolette were intertwined in some of the major storylines during what everyone thought to be the end of Neighbours. But now, returning after the show was picked up by Freevee, it seems these three were left behind. 

During an Instagram live, Charlotte who plays Nicolette revealed that producers asked her to return but she has decided to move on with her career. However the character of Nicolette will remain with a new actor stepping in to take over the role.  Much like his co-star Charlotte, Actor Takaya Honda who starred as David Tanaka from 2016-2022, has taken a new role in The Gift that gives. Fans have pointed out that Matty Wilson, who played Aaron, has been spotted by keen eyed viewers in the background of a trailer released by prime but his return is yet to be confirmed.  

With Neighbours returning, you may be wondering  why neighbours finished  in the first place.  

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