What is Matt Hancock’s net worth and how much is he being paid for I’m a Celebrity?

The MP's appearance on the show has provoked mixed reactions from the public

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Viewers were shocked to find out a Member of Parliament is appearing on this year's I'm a Celebrity, and many are now asking what is Matt Hancock's net worth?

Matt Hancock was a well-known name across the country during his time as health secretary in the pandemic, but since resigning from the role he's spent much less time in the public eye. Now, he's hit the headlines once again as he heads into the jungle, with many asking questions such as is Matt Hancock divorced, following a scandal that exposed him cheating on his wife with an aide.

With viewers are keen to know all there is about this year's I'm a Celebrity cast - from why did Boy George go to prison to does Owen Warner have a girlfriend - Matt Hancock is no exception. And one of the questions everyone wants to know is what is his net worth?

What is Matt Hancock's net worth?

According to the Sun, Matt Hancock's current net worth is around £5 million. This is based on a previous estimate of his net worth, in 2020, which put the figure at somewhere between £705,000 - £2.1 million.

Matt Hancock's primary source of income is through his career in politics. He is known as the Conservative MP for West Suffolk, and has previously held senior roles in government including secretary of state for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in 2018 and, most recently, secretary of state for Health and Social Care throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

Owing to his appearance on I'm a Celebrity, Matt Hancock has had the whip suspended, meaning he has been dropped from the Conservative party and is now considered independent. It is unclear as to whether he will lose the whip permanently or temporarily.

Matt Hancock's register of interests on the UK Parliament website shows that he has also made money in recent years from writing newspaper articles. Between November 2021 and May 2022 he has received a total of £1,650 for contributions to the Telegraph, and between January 2022 and May 2022 he received £4,750 for articles in the Daily Mail.

Now that he's heading into the jungle, Matt Hancock's net worth is expected to increase.

Matt Hancock salary

As an MP, Matt Hancock receives a salary of £84,144, according to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA). As a secretary of state, Matt Hancock will have been entitled to roughly £71,000 on top of his MP salary.

A spokesperson for IPSA said of Hancock's time in the jungle: "We would still pay certain costs while an MP is away. Claims for this autumn can be made up to 90 days after the cost is incurred and will be published in the new year."

How much is Matt Hancock being paid for I'm a Celebrity?

Metro has reported that Matt Hancock is getting paid £400,000 for his appearance on I'm a Celebrity.

The figure puts him not far behind some of the highest paid contestants of all time. Noel Edmonds is thought to have been paid £600,000, while Caitlyn Jenner and Harry Redknapp are said to have both received £500,00 for their participation in I'm a Celeb.

A source has told Metro that Hancock plans to donate some of his earnings from the show to St Nicholas Hospice Care - the same charity he raised almost £8,000 for at last year’s London Marathon.

The source said: "Matt will be making a donation to St Nicholas Hospice in Suffolk, and he will, of course, declare the amount he receives from the show to Parliament to ensure complete transparency, as normal."

What has Matt Hancock said about I'm a Celebrity?

Matt Hancock has received criticism from the public and fellow politicians for his appearance on I'm a Celeb, but has justified his decision by saying "it’s a great opportunity to talk directly to people who aren’t always interested in politics."

He added: "Politicians are people too and it will be nice for people to see me as me. We are human too.

"Lots of people have a view on me from being Health Secretary in the pandemic dealing with some very difficult issues, but that’s not the whole story. I am looking forward to throwing myself into it all like I do everything in life. You can’t hide anything in the jungle, you see somebody warts and all."

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said he was "disappointed" in Hancock and would not be watching.

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