When is Molly-Mae's baby due? Fans think they've worked it out

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are preparing to welcome a baby girl

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The former Love Island contestant has revealed she's not got much of her pregnancy left - so when is Molly-Mae's baby due?

When Molly-Mae Hague announced she was pregnant, social media was flooded with her fans sending messages of congratulations. She's by no means the first Love Island star to share baby news - back in May Camilla Thurlow had her second child, and even more recently Shaughna Phillips announced she's pregnant - but with almost 7 million Instagram followers, her own business and widely thought of as the most successful Love Island star, Molly-Mae's news was quick to make headlines. 

Four months on from her original announcement - and as Molly-Mae herself reveals she is just days away from giving birth - fans are now wondering when is Molly-Mae's baby due? Though the star has kept the exact due date under wraps, there's been plenty of hints as to when her baby might arrive. Let's take a look...

When is Molly-Mae's baby due?

Molly-Mae's baby is due in the last week of January, and her baby girl is likely to arrive between Monday 21 and Sunday 29 January. In a video posted on her YouTube channel on Christmas Eve, she said the birth was just four weeks away.

When the Love Island star first announced her pregnancy, she said she wasn't going to reveal the exact due date, but added, "From my videos you guys are definitely going to work out around the time my baby is due." And fans have been keeping an eye on any hints.

She revealed she was past the five-month mark when she announced her pregnancy at the end of September 2022, and said in a YouTube video explaining her pregnancy so far, "When I announce, I'm going to have three months left," which suggested at the time that her baby would be due towards the end of December.

She also shared on Instagram stories back at the end of October that she was not far off reaching seven months in her pregnancy, and on 2nd December she shared that she'd started packing her hospital bag - meaning her due date must be near!

At the end of November, Molly-Mae shared she went to a 4D scan. 4D scans are usually performed between 26 weeks and 32 weeks pregnant, and after sharing her disappointment that they couldn't see their baby's face during the scan, Molly-Mae wrote on her Instagram story, "We left it as long as possible as well to have this scan as they say the older the baby the better, so I had been counting down the days... wish I hadn't been so optimistic," which suggests she was around 32 weeks pregnant at the time of the scan.

The Love Island star went on to reassure fans that the baby was healthy and completely fine. She added, "Not long till we can see that little face in person... I just know she's gonna look so much like her dad!"

In addition, eagle-eyed fans have noticed Molly started using the angel baby emoji on her Instagram in April - hinting this is when she fell pregnant. She has also re-shared a few of her own posts from back in May on her Instagram stories, explaining she was pregnant at the time but didn't know it yet.

The biggest hint to her due date, however, came when she posted a TikTok on 27 December using audio from Kylie Jenner's pregnancy video in which the reality TV star says, "So, I'm 34 weeks today. I only have a month left." Molly-Mae captioned the video, "How did that happen?"


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What is the gender of Molly-Mae's baby?

Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury are expecting a girl, though they kept it secret from the public when they first found out.

The Love Island star shared the news by first teasing the gender with a black and white video of her gender reveal, before later posting the colour version which shows the pink confetti that was hidden in a balloon.

Fans were quick to congratulate the pair in the comments, with one user writing, "This literally put tears in my eyes!! Happy ones ❤️ Congratulations.. she's going to be sooooo beautiful!" Another said: "Omg this was sooo precious 💞💕 congrats to both of you and your beautiful little family ❤️❤️".

What is Molly-Mae's baby's name?

Molly-Mae hasn't revealed what she's planning on calling her baby, though she did share that she and Tommy had both a boy's name and a girl's name picked out already.

In a Q&A posted online she said: "We had a boy and girl name picked out from basically the day we met. We are sticking with the name we’ve had planned all along."

She also revealed in YouTube video on her channel that fans will either "love or hate" the name, explaining: "I've not seen any other girls with the name before, it's that different. I think you guys are going to either absolutely love it or hate it - but we love it. It's super unusual, super different, nobody will guess it because it's not really a name."

Nevertheless, fans think they might have worked it out. Many users reckon the reality star will be calling her baby 'Cloud', because of the recent use of the cloud emoji when she's  been sharing posts about her baby. 

More recently, fans are convinced that the baby will be called 'Halo', after home interiors company Neo Home recently shared a photo on Instagram of a nursery they designed, which included a lit-up 'Halo' sign placed above a white crib.

Some fans are convinced the all-white room belongs to Molly-Mae because of the similar style to the rest of her home, and that she plans to call her daughter 'Halo'.

One user commented on the post: "@mollymae think we know the babies name now". But others were more sceptical, with one writing, "I don't think molly and Tommy would announce their baby's name like this 🤔".

In an interview with iFL TV, Molly wouldn't even reveal the first letter of her baby's name. She said: "No, I can't do that because there's so much speculation about what this flipping name is. If I give the first letter then everyone will know, so..."

The interviewer then teased that perhaps the name should be 'Molly Junior', to which the Love Island star said: "No it's not Molly Junior. But, if it was a boy, there was conversations of it being Tommy Junior. He would have loved that!"

Molly-Mae net worth

It's been widely reported that Molly-Mae's net worth is roughly £6 million, as she has established herself as a huge fashion and beauty influencer, working with big names like Pretty Little Thing.

The Mirror recently reported that the Love Island star can earn up to  £11,000 for each sponsored post she shares to Instagram, and charges up to £10,000 for a joint personal appearance with Tommy Fury.

They also reported that the star made £1.2million in profits at her company MMH Group Holdings and £848,000 from her self-tanning brand last year - and that the former reality TV star has £3.2million in assets.

Molly-Mae was made creative director at Pretty Little Thing in August 2021, owns her fake tan brand, Filter By Molly-Mae, and has her own hair styling kit in collaboration with hair tool retailer Beauty Works. She also released a book in June 2022, Becoming Molly-Mae.

Speaking on YouTube series The Diary Of A CEO, Molly has previously said: "I remember when my goal was I really want to get a million pounds in my bank account. That is all I wanted to do. That was my goal.

"The minute I reached I was like, 'I want two. I want £2million'. It's like, I never am happy with where I'm at - I'm constantly working towards the next thing."

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