Where is Chesapeake Shores filmed? The iconic locations from the family drama

It's set in Maryland, but where was it filmed?

Kayden Magnuson as Carrie Winters and Abbie Magnuson as Caitlyn Winters in Chesapeake Shores
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From the O’Brien family home to Sally’s cafe, we reveal the real locations of the show’s most recognisable spots. 

Chesapeake Shores brings the family drama in bucket loads, following the lives and loves of its residents as they navigate tense family dynamics and returning lost loves. Based on the series of books of the same name by Sherryl Woods, the show has consistently captured hearts and maintained loyal viewers since its 2016 debut. Not only do the stellar storylines and cast ramp up the likeability of the show, there are some quaint and beautiful locations to match. Now 6 seasons in, interest in where the series is filmed and exactly where to find the locations, remains high. Read on to discover exactly where you can find them - and you might be surprised.

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Where is Chesapeake Shores filmed?

Despite being set in Maryland, Chesapeake Shores is filmed entirely in Vancouver Island, specifically Parksville, Qualicum Beach, and Nanoose Bay. The island lies just off southwestern mainland British Columbia, in Canada.   

Producer Matt Drake is based in Vancouver, and knew the area well from being a child growing up nearby. He has spoken of happy memories spent on the Island as a boy, camping and playing on the beaches. He spoke to the Vancouver Island Free Daily about how unusual it is for a large-scale show not to be shot in an area with established ties to the filming industry.

He said “I think hopefully ‘Chesapeake Shores’ is an example for other producers in the film industry. That you can go to the mid-Island region and shoot a television series successfully. So hopefully it’s paved the way for other people to consider doing the same thing again in the region.”

Is Chesapeake Shores a real place? 

No, Chesapeake Shores is not a real location, author Sherryl Woods made it up for the series and it doesn’t exist.  

However, there is a Chesapeake Bay in Maryland where the series is actually set. Woods told Good Reads “Chesapeake Shores is not a real location, though the Chesapeake Bay and its surrounding communities are very real. I tend to make up the vast majority of the locations in my books so I can put things where I need them to be and not have the locals yelling at me that I messed up. Of course, because I occasionally mess up the details in my own fictional world, it's readers who -- mostly gently -- bring that to my attention”.

Wesley Salter as Mandrake and Robert Buckley as Evan in Chesapeake Shores

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What town is Chesapeake Shores filmed in? 

Areas of Parksville on Vancouver Island make up the town of Chesapeake Shores. The area is situated on the sheltered eastern shores of the island, and is a popular holiday destination. 

The natural setting surrounded by beaches, mountains, lakes and rivers, has made the area very popular with retirees and young families. There is said to be a strong community presence within the area, with a safe feel and good quality of life. Producer Matt Drake spoke of how welcoming the people of the area were to the cast and crew, while Sherryl Woods sung its praises as being the perfect Cheasapeake Shores.

Showbiz CheatSheet reported Woods said of Parksville “The setting is just beautiful. It’s a beautiful setting that captures the kind of small-town that I believe Chesapeake Shores would be if we could draw it from scratch”.

Where is the house on Chesapeake Shores?

The iconic O’Brien family home is actually a private residence situated at 1574 Stewart Road, Nanoose Bay.

Placed in woodlands and surrounded by water, the house is not open to the public but is available for private rental. The house also has its own Instagram account, where fans of the show can happily gaze at the interior and exterior of the famous home. 

Where is Sally’s cafe in Chesapeake Shores? 

Sally’s cafe is really called Leigh House and is situated at 124 2nd Avenue West, downtown Qualicum Beach.  

As well as being known to locals as Leigh House, the house is also referred to as The Thrall Residence. It is the most recognised filming location in the series due to a lot of the action taking place there. It is, however, not a real cafe and can only be viewed from the outside.

Where is the town centre cafe in Chesapeake Shores? 

The Chesapeake Shores town centre cafe is actually called Bailey’s In the Village, and is a real cafe and restaurant in the Qualicum Beach area.

It is said to be very popular with visitors on a tour of their favourite set locations, and the real cafe shares plenty of pictures of their freshly baked cakes and brewed coffee to their Instagram account.

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