Where is Guy Chambers now and is he still friends with Robbie Williams?

Those who have watched Netflix's Robbie Williams documentary want to know where Guy Chambers is now and if he is still friends with the renowned pop star

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The relationship between Robbie Williams and his record producer is a large part of a new Netflix documentary, which has left fans wondering where Guy Chambers is now. 

Netflix's newest celebrity documentary, Robbie Willaims, takes a look back at the star's life - from his early days in Take That and the highs of his career to the dark moments when he was struggling with addiction. The film also reveals how some of the musician's biggest songs - including 'Angels', 'Rock DJ' and 'Let Me Entertain You' - were born, with credit going to both Robbie himself and his writing partner and producer, Guy Chambers.

The documentary has left viewer's asking questions about the pop star's private life - from wondering where Robbie Williams lives to whether he's still married - but his relationship with Guy has also drawn intrigue. And after the pair terminated their working relationship in 2002, many want to know where Guy Chambers is now and if he's still friends with Robbie Williams. 

Where is Guy Chambers now?

Guy Chamber is still working in the music industry, and most recently he has rerecorded 'Lazy Days', a song by the band The Lemon Trees, which he was a member of in the 90s.

Other recent projects include his debut solo piano album, 'Go Gentle Into the Light', released in 2019, and according to his website he is currently working on his second solo album.

Guy shares four children with his wife, Emma, and they divide their time between Camden and Sussex. According to his website, he enjoys "good wine, good food, cinema and pretty much everything French". 

Guy has recently praised the Robbie Williams documentary on Instagram, captioning a post of the trailer, "I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the RW documentary and it is a very honest look back at his extraordinary career and our friendship."

He added, "It was a creative meeting when we were both at turning points in our careers and shows the journey that the two of us went on from the early excitement of writing Angels thru to the challenges of touring and the tension recording Escapology. In my opinion this is the definite RW documentary."

Are Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers still friends?

Robbie William and Guy Chambers have had their ups and downs through the years, but it seems the pair are now friends again, having in recent years collaborated together on the music and lyrics for RSC stageshow The Boy in the Dress - an adaptation of the David Walliams book of the same name. 

The pair first split in 2002, but three years later Robbie revealed that the pair had made up. He was quoted in the Daily Star saying, "Me and Guy are friends again. We speak now and will be working together in the future, you'll all be pleased to hear," as per Digital Spy.

He added, "The main difference working with Stephen is he is very trusting. He made me play above myself. He brought the level of my game higher. I played guitar and bass on a lot of stuff on the album."

However, the pair were rumoured to have fallen out again when Robbie found out that Guy had worked with Gary Barlow and Mark Own on the TV show Britannia High, but by 2012 they were working together again on Robbie's album Swing Both Ways

In 2014 and 2015, Guy joined Robbie on tour, and in 2016 the pair worked together on Robbie's new album The Heavy Entertainment Show and the subsequent tour. 

Guy even promoted Robbie's new Netflix documentary on Instagram, posting an old photo of the pair together with the caption, "The @robbiewilliams documentary is out on @netflix tomorrow. It paints a really in depth portrait of our friendship and I’m excited for you all to see it."

Why did Guy Chambers and Robbie Williams split?

Guy Chambers and Robbie Williams stopped working together after Robbie decided 2002's Escapology would be their last album together, in favour of going in a different direction.

In the documentary, Robbie explains that after moving to LA he felt he wanted a change. He explains, "I think ultimately I wanted to do something different musically. I wasn't getting my kicks anymore from the setup that I had with me and Guy."

In an old interview with Guy shown in the film, the musician explained that it was difficult working together while he was still living in London and Robbie was in LA. 

Meanwhile, in an old interview with Robbie, the popstar says, "We'd been together longer than the Beatles."

Speaking about when he wrote 'Come Undone' - which Robbie felt was a good song but Guy didn't like - Robbie said that this was a key moment in the end of their working relationship. 

He went on to explain, "I had a meeting with Guy and said, 'Look, I want you to come on tour with me as a thank you, but this is the last album we're gonna do together.' And he melted."

At the time of their split, it was widely reported that Guy and Robbie had clashed over a deal with Robbie's label EMI. 

Who has Guy Chambers written songs for?

Guy Chambers is best known for his collaboration with Robbie Williams, but he has also worked with artists including Kylie Minogue, Tina Turner, Mark Ronson, Mel C, Tom Jones, James Blunt, Will Young, Scissor Sisters and Busted.

His life as a musician began at the age of 16, with his first band Hambi and The Dance, who were signed to Virgin Records. He went on to study piano and composition at the Guildhall School of Music, and after graduation, he worked as a session musician.

He went on to form his own band, The Lemon Trees, and in 1992 released their first album - of which all five singles entered the UK Top 100. However, the band never released a second album as they explored other musical ventures.

It was then that he went on to collaborate with Robbie Williams, propelling his career to a new level of success.

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