Where was Come Home filmed and where is it set?

The BBC drama has just landed on Netflix

Christopher Eccleston and Paula Malcomson starring in Come Home
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The drama originally aired in 2018, but since arriving on Netflix viewers want to know where Come Home was filmed.

Three-part BBC drama Come Home stars Christopher Eccleston and Paula Malcomson as parents Greg and Marie, who try and navigate the intricate realities of parenthood after Marie unexpectedly walks out on their marriage and their three children. Created by the programme-makers behind Trust Me and Happy Valley, the show's arrival on Netflix has viewers hooked on its exploration of what it means to be a family, and wanting to know more about the making of the programme.

Much like TV fans wanted more information on the Angela Black ending - another drama that was recently bought by Netflix - as well as BBC shows Best Interests and Better too, now viewers are asking the same of Come Home.

Where was Come Home filmed?

Come Home was filmed in Belfast, in Northern Ireland. Christopher Eccleston said of filming there, "It’s such a great city to make television. I tried my accent out with the locals, they were supportive and critical when they needed to be but it helped and I stayed in character when I was in between scenes."

The Express reported that he made the most of being in the city, saying, "I ran to the great Van Morrison’s house, took a photo, and ran back. I then ran to the great George Best’s house, took a photo, and then to the great Alex Higgins' house and took another photo!" He added, "I love the place, we were very lucky to have made Come Home there."

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His co-star, Paula Malcomson, is a Belfast native and spoke about what it meant to her to film in the city she grew up in. She said: "Every street corner in Belfast holds some kind of memory for me, the place is just soaked in nostalgia. When I left things were still terrible. It was the dark days.

"Now we are making movies and the fear is gone and there’s life and hope and optimism. It was great to come home... no pun intended!"

Where is Come Home set?

Come Home is set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and was filmed on location - meaning Salford-born actor Christopher Eccleston had to adopt a Northern Irish accent for the role.

Meanwhile, he told Belfast Live that it was important that Come Home didn't touch on issues related to the Troubles or politics because the drama is as much a human story.

Speaking about the importance of the series’ setting, writer and creator Danny Brocklehust said: "There was a passion to do a show set in Belfast that showed contemporary family life."

Come Home cast

  • Christopher Eccleston plays Greg (previously seen in Doctor Who and The A Word)
  • Paula Malcomson plays Marie (previously seen in The Hunger Games, Sons of Anarchy and Fringe)
  • Kerri Quinn plays Brenna Coyle 

Speaking about their characters, Christopher Eccleston previously said, "Fundamentally he’s a decent man but very flawed and controlling. He’s broken-hearted about the loss of his family unit. He learns an enormous lesson about generosity and forgiveness throughout the story."

Paula Malcomson said, "It's pretty unfathomable for a mother to leave her children. Men do it all the time and somehow they don’t get so harshly stigmatised.

"I wanted to see if I could dissect this character and this issue and still make Marie human and relatable. It was a challenge. I liked that. I had to really reach."

Meanwhile, Kerri Quinn added, "I saw in Brenna a lot of flaws and qualities I see in myself. Her honesty and her quick tongue could potentially get her in to trouble.

"Also, she is a woman who just wants to be loved and love in return. Her journey is very beautiful. I fell in love with her instantly so hopefully the audience will too."

How many episodes of Come Home are there?

Come Home is made up of three hour-long episodes. The series first aired in March 2018 on BBC One.

The series wrapped up in April, and in the years since the BBC has made no plans for a second series of the show.

Where to watch Come Home

All three episodes of Come Home are available to watch on Netflix. You can subscribe to Netflix for as little as £4.99 per month.

Come Home is also available on Amazon Prime for £2.49 per episode or £6.99 for the whole series.

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