Who did Bluey have a baby with? Fan theories are running wild following the cartoon’s season 3 finale (our money is on Mackenzie)

The 'Surprise!’ episode has really done what it says on the tin - and many can’t get over the shock of Bluey having a baby

Who did Bluey have a baby with?
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Following the surprise season three finale of the beloved cartoon Bluey, fan theories over who Bluey had her baby with are running wild online - but we’re pretty sure the dad is Mackenzie. 

The surprise final episode of Bluey’s third season has delighted, confused and shocked fans of the popular kids cartoon. Aptly titled Surprise!, the seven-minute season finale was packed full of easter-eggs for fans of all ages to enjoy and, days after the episode’s release, many are still combing over the footage to figure out all the answers to the show’s cliff-hanger ending - and the detectives have their work cut out as many are still also trying to work out if Aunt Brandy is pregnant from the hints dropped in the previous episode. 

If you haven’t managed to watch the show yet, the end of the surprise episode saw the show jump forward in time, with Chilli wearing a big pair of glasses to show her older age and Bluey walking into the home all grown up! But that wasn’t what caused such a fuss among fans as the shock really came when Bluey’s child followed her into the house - yes, her child! 

Fans couldn’t believe their eyes and wasted no time in jumping onto social media to share their shock and delight at the plot twist. But what’s still bugging them is the fact we don’t know who Bluey had the child with - and it looks like we’re going to be waiting until the show’s creators write and release season four of Bluey to know anything! 

“STOP IS THAT BLUEY AND MACKENZIE’S KID??,” one excited fan shared on TikTok, while another threw a different speculation into the ring, “It’s possible it could either be Mackenzie or even Jean-Luc’s kid. The one folded ear does remind me of Mackenzie, but the kid also has dark blue colouring like Jean-Luc.”

These are the two camps fans have fallen into; Team Mackenzie and team Jean-Luc. Fighting for Mackenzie, fans have pointed out that Bluey’s baby has one ear up and one folded like the Border Collie pal from Bluey's school and the blocking of the pup's fur is very similar. Plus, their relationship was hinted at in a past episode, with Winton cooing, "Oooooo Bluey's gonna marry McKenzie!"

Other fans have put their money on a throwback character from the season one episode Camping. During the episode, Bluey meets a French-speaking Labrador named Jean-Luc and it’s briefly hinted that the two keep in contact after this. Fans of this theory believe that Bluey's baby doesn't have Mackenzie’s blocked colouring but shares the same shades of bluish-purple that resemble Jean-Luc’s coat. And, the French pup has floppy ears just like the baby. 

Who are you putting your money on? We’re going for Mackenzie. The baby’s fur looks like a near perfect mix of Bluey and Mackenzie’s, with the darker blue shades making sense when considering Bluey’s light blue colouring and Mackenzie’s black and white patches. But, would we be disappointed if the baby was Jean-Lucs? Or even if it was someone else’s entirely? No! We just can’t wait to see where the show takes this new storyline. 

If, like us, you’re desperate for more Bluey content while we wait for the show to announce their next season, then you’re in luck. The show has announced a celebrity-stacked spin-off called 'Bluey Book Reads' that’s available to watch on YouTube right now. And, if you’re wondering why you can’t get the show out of your head, we’ve enlisted parents and a therapist to explain what makes the children's cartoon a success

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