Will there be a Bad Sisters season 2?

Do all good things have to come to an end or will there be a Bad Sisters season 2?

Will there be a Bad Sisters season 2?
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Bad Sisters has been an undeniable hit for Apple TV+, with the show winning acclaim from critics and social media users alike. But with the series now at an end, a big question weighs heavy on every fans' mind: Will we get a second season? 

The shock ending of season one, which left everyone wanting an explanation of who killed John Paul (opens in new tab), may have briefly satisfied viewers by wrapping all unanswered questions in a neat little package, but audiences still want more.  

From wanting to visit the array of remote and beautiful Irish locations where Bad Sisters was filmed (opens in new tab), wondering if the show is remake and where is it set (opens in new tab), and desiring to dive deeper into the characters, asking questions like 'Why does Bibi has an eye patch?', (opens in new tab) fans of the show will take any Bad Sisters content the can get their hands on.

So has this incredibly reaction prompted Apple TV+ to renew the show for a second season? Here we answer the question 'Will there be a Bad Sisters season 2?'

Will there be a Bad Sisters season 2?

At the moment, there are no plans to renew Bad Sisters for a second season - sorry to disappoint. Speaking to GQ Magazine, the show's creator and star, Sharon Horgan, revealed, "Well, you know, we're not talking about that [a second season].

"It's definitely something that's in the ether to be discussed, but at the moment, we're just like, focusing on this [season one]. It was set out as a limited series and, you know, it has an end. But yeah, we'll see.”

The issue with a possible second season for Bad Sisters is that, by the end of the season one finale, both of the series main conflicts have been resolved. Hogan realises this, saying she approached the series knowing that it would end after a limited number of episodes. But this doesn't mean she has completely ruled out series two. Speaking to Decider, she explained, "I guess if a really great idea came along [I would make a second season]. At the same time I’m really satisfied, really satisfied, with the way it [season one] turned out.”

While it is not a definitive no, a second season seems unlikely. However, the series has been so popular with both critics and fans, with Bad Sisters it currently boasting a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Apple TV+ are sure to want to at least talk about a sequel.

Bad Sisters

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Is Bad Sisters a limited series?

Yes, Bad Sisters is a limited series. The show is based on a Belgian series called The Out-Laws, which was created by Malin-Sarah Gozin and aired in 2011. The Belgian show ended after 10 episodes, just as Apple TV+'s Bad Sisters did. 

Gozin told The Guardian that she always planned her story as a self-contained one, explaining “I had to come up with nine different murder attempts! I saw a lot of doctors and forensic experts, because it was essential that each attempt really could happen. Eventually, I found out the perfect murder doesn’t exist.”

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How many Bad Sisters episodes are there?

There are 10 episodes in Apple TV+‘s dark comedic thriller, Bad Sisters. Throughout the series, audiences watch on as the Garvey sisters, Eva (Sharon Horgan), Bibi (Sarah Greene), Ursula (Eva Birthistle), and Becka (Eve Hewson), try to kill their evil brother-in-law JP (Claes Bang) and free their sister Grace (Anne-Marie Duff) from her abusive marriage.

The show's finale neatly answered all the mysterious questions that had viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the season. But many eagle-eyed fans may have managed to work out some of the answers before the finale even aired.

If you didn't, while you’re waiting to hear more about a potential second season, Horgan recommends rewatching season one and keeping an eye out. Sure, the finale gives you the full picture, but upon rewatching, you might notice a couple of easter eggs littered across the first nine episodes.

Speaking to Decider, Hogan confirmed, “There are SO many clues. We put in so many little hidden treasures. And I love the thought that people might go back and see them.” 

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What could happen in Bad Sisters season 2?

If there is a season 2 of Bad Sisters, it would likely follow Becka and Matt’s 'swoon-worthy' romance. As one of the biggest unresolved storylines, Becka and Matt’s budding relationship would be an easy and interesting plot line to explore further.

When asked if she felt there was any hope for Becka and Matt's future, Horgan admitted that she would be open to exploring their relationship if the show were to return.

Speaking again to Decider, Hogan said, “You know what, you’re gonna kill me when I say this… But I had written codas [epilogues that provides conclusions to the story] for each of the sisters. 

"One of the codas was obviously [that] Matt and Becka went their separate ways, but she is walking along that sort of strand, and he’s there playing ball with those old guys, and they just see each other and then we kind of leave it.

“They see each other, and you know there’s still something there… If we ever did anything further it’d be very hard not to want to see those two together.”