Why does Bibi have an eye patch in Bad Sisters?

There's more to her than meets the eye in this dark comedy

a close up of Bibi with an eye patch on in Bad Sisters
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Those tuning into dark comedy Bad Sisters have been waiting to learn why Bibi has an eye patch - and episode 5 gave us all the details we needed.

Audiences and critics alike have been full of praise for new AppleTV+ show Bad Sisters that's been adapted by acclaimed comedy writer and actress Sharon Horgan. Bad Sisters is a remake of foreign series Clan and tells the stories of five incredibly close siblings and one piece-of-work husband who's demise is secretly being plotted by four fed-up sisters. 

One such sister is Bibi Garvey who has her own reason for wanting to bump off John Paul, and she's certainly a distinctive character thanks to her eye-wear accessory. A hot question for those watching along is what happened to Bibi's eye and after a recent episode we've finally got the answer. As for those bewitched by the stunning natural scenery of the series - we've listed the locations of where Bad Sister is filmed. Plus you can find the full Bad Sisters ending explained too - once you've binged the lot.

Why does Bibi have an eye patch in Bad Sisters?

Bibi Garvey has an eye patch in Bad Sisters which covers her damaged right eye. In episode 5, it comes to light that her eye was injured in a car accident involving John Paul. She's now left with no vision in her right eye.

The audience learn of the accident in a flashback. Bibi is seen in a car with JP driving on a wet, rainy night. She thanks him for picking her up, but her mood slowly changes to panic when JP starts to drive fast and dangerously. His driving brings back trauma for Bibi - with a car accident being how she lost both of her parents. After her repeated calls for JP to slow down, she panics and tries to take the steering wheel from him. This causes the car to crash.

As part of the flashback, we see Bibi look repeatedly at a Virgin Mary statue on the car's dashboard. Whilst it's not confirmed - could this be the object that caused the damage to her eye during the crash?

We also learn that JP did not come away from the car accident unscathed. It seems that John Paul was left with a vulnerable spot to his head. The sisters call it his "head hole" and in another plot to kill him, Bibi plans to target said hole with a frozen pellet whilst paintballing for his birthday.

Who plays Bibi in Bad Sisters?

Irish actress Sarah Greene plays Bibi Garvey in Bad Sisters. Audiences will likely recognise her from roles in Dublin Murders, Normal People and Penny Dreadful. The 38-year-old trained at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin.

a close up of Sarah Greene who plays Bibi at the Bad Sisters premiere in London

a close up of Sarah Greene (who plays Bibi) at the Bad Sisters premiere in London.

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Greene has spoken about some of the difficulties she uncovered whilst wearing the eyepatch. "For me, the biggest challenge was wearing an eyepatch,” she said at the London premiere.  “I’d never worn an eyepatch before.

“My sister, actually, when she was a kid, she had to wear one. And I never realised how difficult that was. I got used to it, but my biggest challenge was that, was walking around. I had a really bad knee afterward because I was overcompensating.”

She added: "I'm actually quite blind in my other eye. We didn't realize that until the eyepatch went on. I was stuck with it."

As for her character Bibi, Greene says that the two are nothing alike.

“I read it [the script] and was like, I’ve never played a part like Bibi before. I’m used to playing nice mams," she said in an interview with UPI. “It was the first time I got to play someone really far removed from myself, so it was a real challenge.”

How many sisters are there in Bad Sisters?

  1. Eva Garvey (played by Sharon Horgan)
  2. Grace Williams - nee Garvey (played by Anne-Marie Duff)
  3. Bibi Garvey (played by Sarah Greene)
  4. Becka Garvey (played by Eve Hewson)
  5. Ursula Flynn - nee Garvey (played by Eva Birthistle)

There are five Garvey sisters in total. Whilst it's not confirmed who is the oldest, we know that Becka - sometimes called 'Baby Becka' - is the youngest sister.

The supporting cast is made up of Claes Bang (John Paul Williams), Daryl McCormack (Matthew Claffin), Brian Gleeson (Thomas Claffin), Michael Smiley (Roger Muldoon), Jonjo O'Neill (Donal Flynn), Assaad Bouab (Gabriel), Saise Quinn (Blánaid Williams) and Peter Coonan (Ben).

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