From newborn to toddler, the BabyBjorn Harmony will make carrying them a cinch

A super-comfortable, mesh baby carrier that can be adapted to grow with them

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This stylish baby carrier from BabyBjorn has a mesh lining to prevent your baby from overheating. Suitable for newborns and toddlers alike, it's been designed with adjustable straps so you can position your child comfortably forward and front-facing, as well as on your back, depending on their age and preference.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Grows with your baby

  • +

    Breathable mesh material

  • +

    Comfortable even for larger babies

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    A little bulky

  • -

    Pricey but an investment buy

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We tested the BabyBjorn Harmony carrier to see how it compared with similar products on the market and whether it justified its £200-plus price tag. 

BabyBjorn is renowned for its carriers so when the brand launches a new model, parents sit up and take notice. The Harmony certainly doesn't disappoint. With a mesh lining to prevent overheating and numerous adjustable straps, giving parents the ability to carry newborns and toddlers, it certainly seems good on paper.  

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Reviewed by
Reviewed by

For this review, asked Yvette, one of our parent testers to try out the BabyBjorn Harmony for two weeks with her baby, Penelope. 

Yvette loved how the adjustable straps meant the carrier could be altered as your baby gets bigger: "It is a really supportive design that can adapt to your ever-growing baby," Yvette told Goodto.

Newborns might be tiny at first but they grow exceptionally quickly and this is what the BabyBjorn Harmony Carrier has been designed for. It comes with multiple straps that can all be adjusted so, as your baby puts on weight, they remain comfortable and supported, as does your back. 

"It's a really comfortable design so you don't feel the full weight of your baby at all, so can carry them for long periods," said our tester Yvette. 

The carrier has been created to hold both tiny babies and larger toddlers - it's just a case of adjusting the straps in the right places, something that, admittedly, took Yvette some time to work out.

"The carrier is lightweight and, while an expensive model, I believe is really good value for money if using from newborn."

Price & availability

The BabyBjorn Harmony Carrier retails at just over £200 on Amazon, making it a pricey piece of kit. Yvette felt like this price tag was justified, however, because you can use it for several years as your baby grows.   

"If you want to take a baby out for walks without the pram then this is an excellent carrier," she said. "Also, you can use it from newborn to toddler, meaning you can really get good use out of it!"

"This is not a budget-buy product, it is a premium design, though you could get good wear out of it," she said. "It's probably one of the more expensive carriers out there but it could see you through a really long time with your baby/child with just a few simple adjustments."

BabyBjorn Harmony

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Design & features

Weighs: 3.2 kg | Age: From birth to 15 kgs  

It's obvious from first inspection that the Baby Bjorn Harmony Carrier boasts a really good quality design. Yvette tested the navy colourway which she thought was "chic" but the carrier also comes in black or grey.

"The breathable mesh material means neither you or baby get overheated, which is ideal especially in the summer months," said Yvette.  

This mesh lining also means that the carrier is incredibly lightweight (in fact it weighs just over 3 kg) so, unless you're carrying a brand new baby, the majority of the weight comes from the child themselves. 

The standout design feature for Yvette were the clips that you use to position your baby before carrying them. You can carry them front or forward-facing, as well as on your back. 

"The secure clips are brilliant. There's not a risk of nipping any fingers, like traditional clips, and, while they feel secure, they can be easily hooked off which is particularly ideal for transferring a sleeping baby out!" 

That said, Yvette did find it all initially a bit confusing. "[It] has quite a few clips to secure baby in compared to other carriers so you need to understand how the carrier works before trying to put you baby in it."

BabyBjorn Harmony

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How we tested

  • Used the carrier for two weeks for sustained and shorter periods of time.
  • Tested the carrier out on several people, so we could see how easy it was to adjust to different body shapes. 
  • Noted down all the features and decided which were genuinely useful and which were gimmicks. 

Things you won't find on the box

So what was the BabyBjorn Harmony Carrier like to use in practice? 

"While the adjustments can be a bit confusing initially, once you've set up the carrier to fit to you and your baby it is really easy to use," said Yvette.

"There are so many different adjustments you can make, like the waist support, shoulder support, baby leg support, as well as being front facing, forward facing, or on the back. That means this carrier can be used from newborn up until toddler age, and you don't feel like it is a chore to carry your little one around, even for long periods of time."

When asked to think of a negative for the carrier, Yvette admitted it was "hard to think" of one.  

"It might feel bulky if you wanted to use it around the house. [I'd] opt for a simpler design or sling," she admitted. 

Who's it best for

Yvette thought that this baby carrier would suit "someone active, who is looking to invest in a functional carrier that will see them through their baby's first couple of years". 

She thought the design was better off for long, country walks than using around the house as it was a little on the bulky, padded side. For the latter, she thought a sling might work better.

The Harmony doesn't come cheap so if you're on a budget or don't plan to use it very often, you might be better suited to a different, less expensive model. 

Need an alternative?

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