How the Joie Roomie Glide keeps your baby safe and sleeping

A next-to-you bedside crib that gives you easy access to your little one

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GoodtoKnow Verdict

As its name suggests, this next-to-me cot has a neat, gliding motion that helps lull a newborn baby back to sleep. Other notable features are its adjustable height and an easily collapsible side, giving sleep-deprived parents quick access to their baby in the middle of the night.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Smooth, gliding motion

  • +

    Neutral design

  • +

    Sturdy and safe build

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Tricky to take down

  • -

    Not suitable after six months

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We tested the Joie Roomie Glide to see how it compared in terms of value, design and functionality with other bedside cribs. 

The Joie Roomie Glide next-to-me crib is a stylish and secure sleeping option for your baby. It's suitable from 0-6 months and is designed to facilitate beside-bed sleeping, so that your baby is within easy reach and yet has their own sleeping space. If you're looking for the best bedside crib for your baby, this product is a worthy contender.

Reviewed by
Reviewed by
Roanna Day

For this review, asked Roanna, one of our parent testers, to try out the Joie Roomie Glide for two weeks with her baby, Enoch. 

She loved how smooth the motion of the Roomie Glide was and described it to Goodto as: "A high quality buy with a well-thought-out design". 

The core feature of the Joie Roomie Glide is its smooth, gliding motion that helps lull your baby back to sleep. 

"The gliding motion makes this a brilliant buy in my opinion," said Roanna. "It's also roomy and well built so you feel totally secure leaving your baby to sleep in it."

As it's designed to stand next to your bed, it also has useful features such as an adjustable height and a side that can easily be lowered in the middle of the night. This design does mean that, while brilliant for newborns, once your baby turns six months, you'll need to move them into a bigger cot. 

Price & availability

The Joie Roomie Glide is currently for sale at John Lewis for its RRP of £160, a good price for a cotbed with several innovative features. 

"[It's] definitely one of the more affordable options," says Roanna. "I think, for its quality and ease of use, it makes a brilliant budget buy."

Roanna also thought it was well priced for its stylish good looks and gliding features. 

One issue that's worth flagging is, while the Joie Roomie Glide is great for newborns, once a baby turns six months, usually around the time that they move into their own room, you'll need to invest in a second cotbed, making it not quite as good value as cotbeds that can be adapted to older babies and even toddlers. 

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Design & features

Weighs: 8.6kg | Age: Birth - six months

The Joie Roomie Glide cotbed won Roanna over straight away with its good looks. 

"The cot's design is hugely appealing as its stylish, grey, minimalist look will suit most modern homes and won't look too garish in your bedroom," she said.

"The cot has two buttons which when pressed release the cot to glide safely from side to side. This smooth rocking motion is a brilliant aid in soothing your baby back to sleep."

Other innovations include its height adjustable legs that "suit the height of a wide range of beds" and "mean you can line up the cot's mattress with your own". 

The Joie Roomie Glide also has an easily collapsible side: "Simply press one button to slide down the cot side, making it very easy to pick up your baby in the night or soothe them by reaching in," said Roanna. 

The Joie Roomie Glide

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How we tested

  • Tested how easy the cotbed was to assemble.
  • Used the cotbed for two weeks, for both naps and night-times.
  • Tested out the different features to see which were genuinely useful and which were gimmicks. 

Things you won't find on the box

Roanna liked all the innovations that came with the Roomie Glide and found no problems assembling it and then making use of its many innovations.  

"Everything about the Joie cot was easy to figure out and simple to use," she said.  

"The intuitive design has clearly taken tired parents into account and everything from lowering the slide to gliding the cot is really easy."

The only issue she did have with this cotbed was with disassembling it and found it "tricky to take down". 

Who's it best for

Roanna thought that this cot was best suited to "a style-conscious parent, looking for a good, affordable buy."

As it's a next-to-me cotbed, it would also suit parents keen to have easy access to their little ones in the night. 

The Joie Roomie Glide has a limited lifespan of six months, so it would also be a good buy if you planned to invest in a second cot as your baby gets bigger.

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