8 flippin’ great pancake ideas you really NEED to try today

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  • Pancake day (also known as one of the most delicious days of the year) is finally here! But if you're bored of the humble basic pancake recipe, fear not - we've got plenty of new and exciting ideas for you to try on Pancake Day based on this years BIGGEST trends.

    We can’t help but wake up with a big smile on our faces on Shrove Tuesday every year, just thinking about the prospect of eating pancakes and using different fillings and toppings. And if you were debating whether or not having pancakes for every meal today is acceptable – our professional opinion is that it absolutely is!

    But if the traditional pancake isn’t cutting it any more or, if you simply want to surprise your family or friends with something a bit more fun, we’ve got a few quirky pancake recipes you should try this year taken from three of the top trends of 2019.

    Here are some of our favourite pancake recipes (try not to drool)…

    Boozy bakes

    Gin and tonic pancakes

    If you love a G&T, then this boozy stack is the one for you – made
    in just 20 mins, it’s the perfect way to keep the adults happy
    (especially if you have to face little ones on a sugar high…).

    Get the recipe: Gin and tonic pancakes

    Prosecco pancakes

    Another one for the grown-ups – we decided to take the Prosecco trend to
    a whole new level and add it to our stack. Topped with fruits like
    strawberries, raspberries and cherries and a hearty dollop of clotted
    cream, this extra special pancake recipe will definitely be the talk of
    the party. Bring on the bubbles!

    Get the recipe: Prosecco pancakes

    Chocoholics dream

    Double Chocolate Chip pancakes

    These chocotastic pancakes are a regular feature on American films and TV shows, but turns out you don’t have to head to a diner to try them. Making these at home is surprisingly easy – it will take you 20 mins in total – and the kids (and adults too) will absolutely love them.

    Get the recipe: Double chocolate chip pancakes

    Oreo pancakes

    Like Oreos? Well, you’re in a for a treat with this impressive stack, filled with crushed Oreos, and topped with whipped cream, melted chocolate and guess what? Even more crushed Oreos! Ideal if you’re looking for a real showstopper for pudding…

    Get the recipe: Oreo pancakes

    Jaffa cakes pancakes

    This one is actually made using our basic pancake recipe, but you’ll surprised to know you can replicate the flavour of Jaffa cakes using just two ingredients – dark chocolate and orange marmalade.

    Get the recipe: Jaffa cake pancakes

    Nutella stuffed pancakes

    Nutella is one of the most popular pancake toppings come Pancake day, but what if instead of just putting it on top, you could have it melting inside? Well, you can and it’s so much easier to do than you think! Follow our simple recipe for pancakes that ooze chocolate…

    Get the recipe: Nutella-stuffed pancakes

    Healthy substitutes

    Coconut flour pancakes

    Pancake day is all about indulgence, but you might be looking to make it
    a bit healthier for you and your family. These pancakes made with
    coconut flour are gluten-free, so you can enjoy Shrove Tuesday even if
    you’re allergic or intolerant to gluten. Plus, they’re delicious!

    Get the recipe: Coconut flour pancakes

    Wholemeal pancakes

    Wholemeal pancakes are lower in fat than your usual pancake recipe, so you can enjoy one or two guilt-free on Shrove Tuesday! Also, as wholemeal foods can keep you fuller for longer, you should be satisfied after eating only a couple of these delcious alternative pancakes too – win win! Get the recipe: Wholemeal pancakes

    What pancake recipes are you whipping up today? Will you be opting for a classic or going for quirky recipes like these? Let us know in the comments!