12 naughty puds that are guaranteed to give you a warm winter hug

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  • Looking for a warming dessert recipe to beat those winter chills? Look no further.

    We’ve picked out the naughtiest desserts to make this winter, including chocolate bread and butter pudding, oozing melt-in-the-middle chocolate pudding and rich sticky toffee pudding. It’s comfort food in pudding form.

    1. Chocolate hot cross bread and butter pudding

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    Get the recipe: Chocolate hot cross bread and butter pudding

    If you’re a fan of bread and butter pudding, you must try this delight. It’s a very naughty twist on a classic using hot cross buns instead of bread, with a double cream custard and flecks of dark chocolate scattered throughout. Mmmm…

    2. Chocolate and caramel lava fondant

    Get the recipe: Chocolate and caramel lava fondant

    Introducing the chocolate and caramel lava fondant pudding, filled with a sweet and delicious caramel sauce and a soft, gooey chocolate sponge. Drizzle in custard for an even naughtier dessert!

    3. James Martin’s baked New York cheesecake

    Get the recipe: James Martin’s baked New York cheesecake

    James Martin has done it again with yet another indulgent and moreish dessert recipe. We give you the baked New York cheesecake complete with fresh raspberries, vanilla infused ‘cake’ and maple syrup glaze. Tempted?

    4. Chocolate and orange souffle

    Get the recipe: Chocolate and orange souffle

    Warm up with this luxurious chocolate and orange souffle recipe, which brings togther chocolate and orange with a dash of Grand Marnier. It’s the perfect recipe for showing off your skills to your friends and family.

    5. Panettone and dark chocolate bombe

    George Seper

    Get the recipe: Panettone and dark chocolate bombe

    This delicious panettone is filled with homemade chocolate ice cream and topped with raspberries and a light dusting of icing sugar. The spices from the panettone will warm the insides.

    6. Plum custard slice

    Get the recipe: Plum custard slice

    This plum custard slice is perfection. Leave to sit a little before serving but make sure it’s warm and drizzle in homemade custard for a naughty finish.

    7. Clotted cream rice pudding

    Get the recipe: Clotted cream rice pudding

    This is not just your average bowl of rice pudding. This is a luxurious clotted cream rice pudding made with (you guessed it!) a carton of clotted cream along with full-fat milk and a sprinkling of nutmeg. The diet will be out the window after this!

    8. Sticky toffee pudding

    Get the recipe: Sticky toffee pudding

    This mouth-watering sticky toffee pudding is a Phil Vickery favourite. The soft and rather sweet sponge is infused with dates and the sauce is made with pure, unadulterated caramel.

    9. Tipsy tart

    Get the recipe: Tipsy tart

    This tart is for adults only with a fiery brandy-based sauce. You could take this tart one step further and serve with brandy butter. Ooh la la!

    10. Cherry lattice pie

    Get the recipe: Cherry lattice pie

    Everyone loves pie, especially when it’s packed with sweet cherries cased in a buttery puff pastry. We’d recommend serving this with a generous scoop of ice cream or if you’re keeping on the warming theme, custard of course!

    11. Chocolate torte

    Get the recipe: Chocolate torte

    This chocolate torte really does taste as good as it looks. Our favourite part of this naughty dessert is the buttery chocolate ganache covering the whole thing.

    12. Plum crumble

    Get the recipe: Plum crumble

    Plum crumble is a classic and will forever remain a classic in our hearts. A oaty crumble and a tangy sweet plum filling – what more could you want? A dash of custard and you’ll be warm all evening.

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