Healthy recipes for kids

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  • It's not always easy to get the kids excited about eating vegetables. That's where these recipes come in! Hidden veggies and clever new ways to incorporate them at teatime make it that little bit easier...

    Healthy recipes for kids

    We know it’s not always easy to get your kids excited about their dinner or eating all their veggies. This clever collection of recipes allows you to meet them in the middle thanks to their fun appearance yet healthy ingredients.

    You’ll be happy knowing they’re getting a nutritious meal and they’ll be happy having a meal made especially with them in mind. Your kids will love the funny faces on everything from pizza to fish pies, the baked potatoes which look like naughty little cartoon mice and even fishcakes that look like…well, fish!

    Have a go at making these fun and colourful dishes to make sure your child gets plenty of veggies and healthy, lean protein.

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    First up is our easy-to-make sunshine pasta!

    Why it’s good for them: With four different types of veggies hidden in this pasta dish, it is packed full of healthy doses of essential vitamins and minerals your child needs to stay well. These include calcium, potassium, folate and carotenoids – helping to give them tip-top eye sight as well as strengthening their immune system.

    Why they’ll love it: The colourful decoration around the plate made out of sweet and crunchy carrots will encourage them to get stuck in.
    Get the recipe: Chunky sunshine pasta