VE Day baking ideas for you to celebrate at home

VE day is coming up at the end of this week. Looking for ways to celebrate? Try out some of these inspired VE Day baking ideas.

VE day - Victory in Europe Day - is coming up at the end of this week to coincide with the bank holiday. Looking for ways to celebrate? Try out some of these inspired VE Day baking ideas.

While we might be spending VE Day at home this year, celebrating with family, there's no reason why we can't put on a spread with this host of baking ideas. From Union jack themed cookies and cupcakes to English classics, we've got all the recipes to ensure that your VE Day celebration in lockdown is as fantastic as any other year.

VE Day celebrates the day that allied forces announced the surrender of Germany in Europe on May 8 1945. It was cause for celebration all around the world and today, thousands of people still celebrate that iconic day. If you're looking to give your kids a bit of a history lesson alongside these VE Day baking ideas, check out our VE Day homeschooling activities.

If you want some ideas to help decorate your house this VE Day or want something to do while the cakes are in the oven, have a look at our great selection of VE Day craft ideas. They're sure to bring a pop of colour to any celebration!

Baking ideas to celebrate VE Day this year...

Bunting cupcakes

VE Day baking ideas

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These bunting cupcakes are easy and so much fun to make. Perfect for making with kids this weekend, as all the recipe requires is a basic cupcake recipe, some strokes of imagination and a bit of colourful icing!

Get the recipe: Bunting cupcakes


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Whether you make them with clotted cream and jam or opt for a savoury cheese scone recipe, these quintessentially English baked goods are perfect for a VE Day celebration spread.

Get the recipe: Classic scones

Kirstie Allsopp’s Union Jack celebration cake

VE Day baking ideas

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This union jack celebration cake from design extraordinaire, Kirsty Allsopp is one of our favourite recipes to make for the bank holiday weekend. It's a basic sponge recipe, decorated with rich buttercream icing and a combination of summer fruits to make the union jack flag outline.

Get the recipe: Kirstie Allsopp’s Union Jack celebration cake

Union Jack flag cookies

VE Day baking ideas

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These union jack flag cookies are an easy treat to make for a VE Day party spread. All you need is a basic cookie recipe, a piping bag and some red, blue and white icing.

Get the recipe: Union Jack flag cookies

Union Jack cupcakes

VE Day baking ideas

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These cute little cupcakes were originally created to celebrate the royal wedding, but the recipe works just as well for Union Jack-inspired VE Day celebration. Using basic ingredients to make cupcakes and some ready-to-roll icing, these cupcakes can be made in just over half an hour.

Get the recipe: Union jack cupcakes

Fruit scones

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Looking to level up your scones for this celebration? Our handy tutorial will teach you how to make homemade fruit scones from scratch. This recipe is so easy, scones are a perfect first step into the kitchen for little ones and a great way to get them involved in the VE Day celebrations.

Get the recipe: How to make fruit scones

Pimm's Drizzle Cake

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This Pimm's drizzle cake is a unique twist on two of the nation's favourite British recipes. Pimms is an essential ingredient of any bank holiday leading up to the summer, filled with the flavours of fresh fruit and mint. Within a cake, it's the perfect accompaniment to this holiday celebration.

Get the recipe: Pimm’s drizzle cake 

Giant clotted cream and cherry scone cake

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Well, there's nothing like pushing the boat out for a special occasion. If plain or fruit scones aren't quite cutting it for you this year, you could always opt for this recipe to make a giant scone cake. Filled with cream and cherries in syrup, it's a true step up from some of the more traditional scone recipes - and there's sure to be enough for the whole family!

Get the recipe: Giant clotted cream and cherry scone cake

Jam tarts

VE Day baking ideas

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What's a VE Day celebration without this famous British classic? Jam tarts are so easy to make at home with the right ingredients and always go down a treat. Make them with orange, raspberry or blackberry jam for a classic combination of flavours.

Get the recipe: Jam tarts

Fruit trifles

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With a serving of 6-10 people, there's no chance you'll run out of trifle this VE Day. These small servings are perfect to add to your spread and free up the oven for more delicious baked goods, as these sweet treats don't require any cooking at all.

Get the recipe: Mini fruit trifles

Paul Hollywood's iced fingers

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From the Great British Bake Off judge himself comes this recipe for iced fingers. Sold at bakeries across the country, they're a truly British baked good. Slightly harder to make, but well worth the effort.

Get the recipe: Paul Hollywood's iced fingers

Sausage rolls

VE Day baking ideas

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For those without a sweet tooth, you can still get involved with all the baking! This recipe on how to make sausage rolls from scratch, using store-bought sausages will make sure that you can still enjoy some of the delicious baked goods this VE Day.

Get the recipe: How to make sausage rolls

With these delicious recipes, you can bake up a storm and celebrate VE Day in true style.

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