Prince Louis is an unlikely fan of this vegetable - and here’s how can you get your child to eat it

Prince Louis and Kate Middleton
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Prince Louis' favourite vegetable is revealed - and here's how you can get your child to eat it.

Prince Louis has a different taste compared to most children as the young royal has a liking for beetroot.

Most children struggle to eat vegetables when they're young, preferring to eat unhealthy alternatives, but the Cambridge youngster is bucking the trend.

Prince Louis loves nothing more than beetroot when it comes to getting his daily fix of vegetables, according to his mum Kate Middleton, which is on the seasonal food calendar.

During a TV Christmas Special with Mary Berry in 2019, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed "We've got carrots, beans, beetroot – a massive favourite – Louis absolutely loves beetroot."

And Mary Berry would be honoured to learn that he also reads her cookbooks.


Girl holding bunch of freshly picked beetroot on her allotment.

Meanwhile, Prince Louis' older sister, six-year-old Princess Charlotte, has her own favourite sophisticated snack.

During a primary school visit, Kate revealed her daughter absolutely loves olives - a Mediterranean snack which the Duchess previously admitted she loves too.

Since 2019 Kate has been teaching her children to cook and this is part of her inspiring parenting style.

Prince Louis eating

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With cheesy pasta being the Cambridge children's favourite dish to cook, there is a whole range of recipes like cheesy mince pasta bake and cheese and spinach pasta bake.

And Prince George's favourite food is reportedly spaghetti carbonara.

How to get your child to love eating beetroot like Prince Louis:

Theis selection of easy beetroot recipes will have you making beetroot a regular ingredient to any dish.

From Beetroot burgers to delicious beetroot and vanilla cupcakes your kids won't think twice about what they're eating if it's disguised as a tasty treat.

And any chocoholic won't be able to resist these chocolate beetroot cupcakes - and they might even ask for a second helping!

Failing that, you could always get them to have a go at growing their own beetroot...

Once they've grown it, they should be proud enough to try it!

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