The best hairstyles for long faces, according to hair experts

When it comes to the best hairstyles for long faces, the aim is to balance things out, to soften your angles and make your face look rounder in shape.

a collage of celebrities showing the best hairstyles for long faces

When it comes to the best hairstyles for long faces, the aim of the game is to balance things out, to soften your angles and make your face look rounder in shape.

The owner of an elongated forehead? Or is your face noticeably longer than it is wide? Sounds like you're someone with a long face shape who could accentuate your attributes with one of these best hairstyles for long faces. From genius fringe hacks to a sleek bob hairstyle and avoiding these common hair mistakes, we've consulted the mane experts and sought out inspiration from stylish stars who have it locked down.

"The number one rule is you don’t want anything super harsh that accents the length of your face," hairdresser John Stedman tells us, founder of salon Cutting Company who boasts over 35 years experience in the field. "Fringes are great at shortening face length, but you need to get the cut just right. Soft curls and waves in longer hair will lift your features, while upping the volume of your hair at the sides will give the illusion of a shorter face shape."

22 of the best hairstyles for long faces:

1. Side parting

best hair styles for long faces

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A side parting is one of the best hairstyles for long faces. It will give you a lot of volume on one side and balance out your features, like it has done for supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. It also gives off a sleek, 1940s Hollywood vibe. Win win.

Gökhan Vayni, Hair Specialist at Vera Clinic says: “A side parting is used to round or soften the face and is often very neat and well-groomed. To achieve this style, all you need is a comb. Align the comb with your eyebrow bone on the preferred side and comb the hair into a side parting. You can use small amounts of wax to maintain this sleek style.” 

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2. Middle parting

best hairstyles for long faces

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A middle parting will help the hair fall symmetrically and add needed width for a long face shape. Kim Kardashian shows how a centre parting is one of the best hairstyles for long faces.

Hairdresser Gökhan Vayni says: "A middle parting hairstyle can be the best style to create the illusion of a rounder face, enhancing your jawline and cheekbones - especially if layers have been cut in. In order to gain the correct middle parting, I recommend not cutting the hair too short; longer is better."

3. Heavy fringe

best hairstyles for long faces

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Thick fringes were made for long face shapes as they break up the length perfectly. Copy Jessica Biel and get a bluntly cut one added in. Keep it just below your eyebrows for a really flattering anti-ageing haircut that works on everyone.

Mane specialist Gökhan Vayni says: "A heavy fringe is one of the best hairstyles for long faces, as the forehead can withhold the heavy look without distracting from the elongated mouth and chin. The heavy fringe style is ideal for thicker hair as it will stay held for longer, however, those with thinner hair can embrace this look too.

"My top tip when cutting a heavy fringe is to find the very top of your head (this point can be modified depending on the thickness of bangs you would like - so further back if you want it thicker) with the pointy end of the comb and make a part that is straight down from the top of your head to the front of your ears."

4. Long fringe

Kate Winslet

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A long side swept fringe section like Kate Winslet’s helps to balance out a long face shape because they cover the area between your hairline and brow, removing several inches off your face length. Plus, they’re super easy to style.

Hairdresser Gökhan Vayni says: "A long fringe is a super cool style that can be made into longer, layered bangs too. This style is cut in a similar way to layers and works great with all hair types, but specifically straight and wavy hair. If you have hard to curly hair or ringlet hair, it may be harder to maintain."

5. Pixie cut

pixie cut

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Pixie cuts are a great option for a long face because it will highlight the jawline, neck and cheekbones, as Lupita Nyong'o demonstrates. Plus, they’re very easy to maintain.

Nicole Petty, Haircare Expert for Milk + Blush, says: “Pixie cuts are fabulous for those after an uber edgy haircut that's low maintenance. With this style, it's all about the cut, so if you're someone who just wants to jump out of bed and be ready for the day, this could be for you.

"Since pixie cuts highlight facial features and will accentuate any roundness, it's better suited to those with sharper and longer facial features. Those will oval face shapes can also rock more modern variations of the pixie, including the bixie (bob-pixie) or mixie (mullet-pixie).”

6. Pageboy cut

pageboy cut

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Ashlee Simpson's pageboy-style cut is dramatic, shiny and flattering on a longer face shape thanks to the bangs cutting inches off the forehead. This style will work best if you have thick, voluminous hair.

Hairdresser Gökhan Vayni says: “The pageboy cut was a popular hairstyle in the 1950-60’s which has made a comeback. The pageboy is cut with straight hair hanging to below the ear, where it usually turns under. When cutting a pageboy cut, it’s important to divide the hair into sections to ensure you can achieve the long fringe at the front, merging into the longer section towards the back of the head."

7. Chin length bob

short bob

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A chin-length bob, which Taylor Swift has sported in the past, is another one of the best hairstyles for long faces because they create the illusion of width. Taylor’s cut is a modern style that can work for any age.

Nick Willis, Master Stylist at Charles Worthington Salons says: “If my client was after a more edgy look, then I would recommend a sleek one-length sharp Bob which would accentuate strong features on a long face. This cut requires precision cutting and I would recommend blow drying this look for a sleek finish. Use heat Protection, such as Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique, to minimise damage."

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8. Textured bob

textured bob

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A textured bob, like Julianne Hough’s, is a great hairstyle suited for long faces. It's a sophisticated look that works particularly well with wavy hair, no matter if it's fine or thick. This bob looks great without bangs, but is also perfect for blunt or side-swept bangs. 

Hairstylist Nick Willis says: “Movement and body from a textured bob will give a long face shape the illusion of a wider face, this requires texturising techniques and using several tools according to the hair quality and texture. I would recommend wearing this haircut in a messy and tousled style, using a good beach spray.”

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9. Bob with blunt bangs

bob with fringe

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Actress Rose Byrne shows how this stylish, retro bob hairstyle is among the best hairstyles for long faces. With the blunt bangs accentuating her cheekbones and drawing attention away from the forehead, this style is great for oval shaped faces.

Milk + Blush's hair expert Nicole Petty says: "This French-style bob has become the hairstyle of the moment. An elegant fringe can help shorten a longer face without making it appear too circular, bringing balance to this chic style. As for the cut, the rules are simple; it has to be short so that it hits your chin, jaw or lip line. Be particular about where you want the length to hit, and explain to your stylist how you plan on styling it every day.”

10. Layered bob

Karlie Kloss bob

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A trendy layered bob can add shape to a long face. Karlie Kloss’s style is cute and stylish, and draws attention to her face beautifully. A slight asymmetric cut will also draw attention away from the length in your face. 

Founder of The Hair Boss, Lisa Shepherd, says: “This style is ideal for fine, straight hair that needs volume and body. When it comes to cutting this look, it’s all about using sharp angles and keeping a blunt cut to create great bounce. This style is easy to maintain at home with a volumising mousse/spray, but avoid anything too heavy when it comes to product choice.”

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11. Long bob

long bob

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A long, voluminous bob like Teri Hatcher’s is great for adding movement and texture to round out the narrowness of her face. If you’ve got curly hair, get some layers chopped in to avoid it looking too poofy on top.

Saivo Ierna, hairstylist at The Bohemians Salon says: “A long bob is one of the best hairstyles for long faces. If it is cut at about collarbone-length, it will help to create the illusion of width so that your face appears shorter than it really is. To do the cut, first I'd wet the hair and then section it out. Then combing the sections downward, I'd cut across at the desired length throughout the different hair sections. After you're happy with the length, you can decide on layers.”

12. Mid-length cut

mid length hair

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For a flattering mid-length cut, ask your hairdresser to cut in layers that rest on your cheekbones around the front, like Jennifer Aniston – this can help your face appear shorter in an instant.

Stylist Saivo Ierna says: “In general, a mid-length or medium-cut sees the ends of your hair at your collarbones or your shoulder blades, which works very well at making long faces appear rounder. This look is soft and gentle, which is flattering on an oval face.”

13. Mid-length cut with curtain bangs

curtain bangs

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Longer fuller fringes, aka curtain bangs, are great hairstyles that suit a long face - as J-Lo proves. They cover the area between your hairline and brow removing several inches off your face length easily.

Hairdresser Lisa Shepherd says: “Mid length hair with curtain bangs is a great style for a long face shape. Hair can be cut as a soft or heavy bang, depending on hair texture and style. This style is a great way to create shape around the face and for those growing out a fringe, who want to add a style whilst the hair is growing out.

"Mid length hair with curtain bangs is also great for adding texture when curling or adding loose waves to a hairstyle. Products to use with this style would be a volumising mousse and a big round brush to add bounce to the bangs at the front. Velcro rollers would also be a great way to maintain this look at home to add easy, on the go bounce.”

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14. Long straight hair with blunt fringe


Credit: Getty

Fringes paired with long, straight hair were made for long face shapes, as they break up the length perfectly. Liv Tyler’s thick fringe looks great, but if you don’t want to commit to a block fringe, then ask your stylist to break the fringe up slightly. This will give your face the same illusion, but you won’t feel too boxed in. 

Hairstylist Saivo Ierna says: “Heavier and fuller bangs are one of the best hairstyles for long faces. Having a chunky fringe gives the illusion of a smaller face, so if you want a look that’s going to shorten a longer face, this style is perfect. At the very least, you should schedule salon visits every six weeks for a professional fringe trim. This might sound often but your fringe will actually grow out very fast and I would not suggest attempting to cut your bangs on your own.” 

15. Long hair with layers

Megan Fox

Credit: Getty

We love Megan Fox’s textured long layers. Invest in a sea salt spray to give a beachy finish that will last all day. Sweep to one side to open up your face too.

Saivo Ierna says: “Creating a rounder, fuller look with layers and big waves is a winning style option for long faces. The volume and shape of this cut are not only flattering, but they're also feminine and sexy. You can style these in many ways, but I like to use a round brush with the hair dryer to blow dry hair and then curl the bottom layers to give more volume to hair, and width to the face.”

16. Feathered cut

best hairstyles for long faces

Credit: Getty

If you’ve got long hair, try getting a feathered, long fringe that creates a face-flattering silhouette. A classic and timeless style like this can complement your face and is so versatile - think Claudia Schiffer vibes. One of our picks for the best hairstyles for long faces.

Hair expert Lisa Shepherd says: “A feathered cut is great for a client who has a long face but fine hair, as it creates volume and shape and can add bounce. It allows the client to have a straight cut that is easy to manage and maintain at home using light conditioners and light mousses. A feathered cut can also be great to reduce thickness for hair that is long, weighty and heavy.”

17. Curly hair with bangs

Sandra Oh

Credit: Getty

Sandra Oh perfectly demonstrates how curly hair with bangs is an effortless but stylish look for an oval face. Longer layers make it easy to style or wear this do with your hair’s natural texture, while the bangs shorten the face.

Hair expert Saivo Ierna says: “This style works amazingly on a long face. Soft curls and waves will lift your features, while upping the volume of your hair at the sides will give the illusion of a shorter face shape. A layered mid-length curly style will look best on those with long faces as it is layered through the back, sides and top with plenty of body and bounce. The extra width in the sides and bangs will reduce the vertical length of the face, making it look wider.”

18. Loose waves


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Blessed with long hair? To really flatter a long face shape, make sure to add in loose waves with a tong like Amal Clooney to make sure your do doesn’t look too severe.

Stylist Lisa Shepherd says: “Loose waves are ideal for any face shape and are a great way to make hair look bouncy and voluminous. Using straighteners or hair wands, beach waves are ideal to give a textured look. Salt sprays are also a great method to give the waves more definition.”

19. Sleek pony

Ciara hair

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Opt for a low, sleek pony like Ciara to expose those ears and give your face more width. This style is most flattering when styled into a strong centre parting.

Hairdresser Saivo Ierna says: “When approaching a ponytail with a long face, it’s best to go for a low-neck ponytail with a little width through the sides, as high ponytails can make the face appear longer. The trick is to slightly back comb the sides to help widen the shape, then tie into a sleek, tight, low ponytail. I would also recommend using a high shine product to finish, nothing says high fashion cutie like a super shiny glam ponytail.”

20. Plait

celeb hairdos

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Too much hair past your shoulders is a tricky length to pull off for long face shapes. Copy Joan Smalls’ side plait that looks effortless and is easy to try at home. This is one of those great hairstyles for long faces as the attention falls away from your forehead.

Expert Saivo Ierna says: “A low tied plait that has lots of width and texture will look amazing on someone with a long face shape, as tying up hair too high can make the face appear longer. Dishevelling the plait, which you can do by pulling it looser, will add more width to the face.”

21. Half-up, Half down


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Channel Kate Middleton and try a half up, half down do to break up a longer face shape. The options for this style are endless, making it one of the best hairstyles for long faces.

Saivo Ierna says: “As hairstyles go, half-up half-down is pretty much as versatile as you can get. The portion you lift off and away from your face offers endless opportunities, from a straight-up ponytail to intricate braids, space buns, top knots, sky high ponies, face framing pigtails and more. For a long face, you can add wispy bangs to a mid to high tied section - this adds a break to the face and gives more dimension to the hair style.”

22. Up-do

best hairstyles for long faces

Credit: Getty

Angelina Jolie’s classic up-do really opens up her face to show off her best features. To add in some texture, why not add plait detailing around the sides? Clever contouring can help show off those killer cheekbones too.

Saivo Ierna says: “The golden rule for wearing an updo with a long face shape is to be aware of adding too much height in the top portion, which will only serve to add even more length to your face. Pull the hair back into a sleek style (be it a ponytail or a sophisticated bun) and minimise height around the crown by softening the face with loose pieces at the front.”

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