22 hairstyles that suit long face shapes

The best hairstyles for long face shapes and the celebs that are flaunting them...
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  • When it comes to haircuts for long face shapes, the aim of the game is to balance things out, to soften your angles and make your face look rounder and more oval in shape.

    First of all, is your face shape long? If you can’t really tell by having a quick look in the mirror, take a closer look, you might have an elongated forehead, and your face will be noticeably longer than it is wide. If that’s the case, go for one of these hairstyles that suit a long face.

    The number one rule is, you don’t want anything super harsh that accents the length of your face. Fringes are great at shorting face length, but you need to get the cut just right. Soft curls and waves in longer hair will lift your features, while upping the volume of your hair at the sides will give the illusion of a shorter face shape.

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    Avoid piling on volume at the crown of your head – the last thing you want to do is add more height, so short, short layers in a longer cut tend to be a no-no.

    The grown-out fringe look is probably the most on-trend long face friendly cut around at the moment. Have long fringe sections cut to hang just below your cheeks will really balance out your features, and flicking them away from your face with straighteners to give them a slight wave will soften your do even more – this one’s got a big thumbs up from us!

    There are loads of hairstyles that compliment long faces out there, and our favourite celebs have them locked down.

    Here’s what they’re flaunting out the moment…

    1. A deep side parting

    This will give you a lot of volume on one side and balance out your features, like it has done for supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

    Credit: Getty Images

    2. Loose waves

    Credit: Getty Images

    Long hair? Make sure to add in loose waves with a tong like Amal Clooney to make sure your do doesn’t look too severe.

    3. Keep it short

    Credit: Getty Images

    TV presenter Lisa Snowdon knows not to take her layers too short, keeping them long stops her having too much volume at the top, and shortens her face.

    4. Long  fringe

    Credit: Getty Images

    A long side swept fringe section like Kate Winslet’s really balances out a long face shape.

    5. Smooth and sleek

    Credit: Getty Images

    Try and keep things smooth and sleek on top to like Sarah Jessica Parker to avoid elongating your face more. Subtle highlights and a few strands framing your face can work wonders too.

    6. Volume

    Credit: Venturelli/Getty Images

    Gisele Bundchen’s hair is all about the volume, an integral part of many hairstyles that suit a long face! Wrap sections around curling tongs for big, bouncy waves that start at cheek level. The bigger the curls, the more width around the face you’ll have. Texture is essential for creating face-flattering shape here.

    To keep hair looking textured and in good condition, it’s important that you avoid doing anything that could damage it.

    7. Fringe

    Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

    Fringes were made for long face shapes as they break up the length perfectly. Copy Liv Tyler and get a bluntly cut one added in. Keep it just below your eyebrows for a really flattering look that works for all ages.

    8. Put it up

    Credit: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage

    Angelina Jolie’s classic up-do really opens up her face to show off her best features. To add in some texture, why not add plait detailing around the sides. Clever contouring can help show off those killer cheekbones too!

    9. Plait

    Credit: Getty Images

    Too much hair past your shoulders is a tricky length to pull off for long face shapes. Copy Joan Smalls’ side plait that looks effortless and is easy to try at home. This is a great look as the attention falls away from your forehead.

    10. Layered bob

    Credit: Getty Images

    Copy actress Mila Jovovich with a layered bob and side fringe. A slight asymmetric cut draws attention to her eyes and away from the length in her face. We’re a huge fan!

    11. Accessorise

    Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

    Don’t shy away from a fringe if you have fine hair and a long face like Meryl Streep. If you’re styling it to the side draw attention away from the length with some statement glasses or accessories.

    12. Long bob

    Credit: Amanda Edwards/WireImage

    A long, voluminous bob like Teri Hatcher’s is great for adding movement and texture to round out the narrowness of her face. If you’ve got curly hair get some layers cut it to stop it looking too poofy on top.

    13. Feather it

    Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage

    If you’ve got long hair, take inspiration from Claudia Schiffer’s feathered, long fringe that creates a face-flattering silhouette. A classic and timeless style like this can complement your face and is so versatile.

    14. Loosely up

    Credit: Getty Images

    If you’ve got killer cheekbones and long hair, accentuate them and keep it off your face in a loose chignon.

    15. Mid-length style

    Credit: Getty Images

    Kim Kardashian proves textured mid-length hair is super stylish! Ask your hairdresser to cut in layers that rest on your cheekbones around the front – this can help your face appear shorter in an instant!

    16. Longer fringe

    Credit: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

    Longer full fringes are great hairstyles that suit a long face as J-Lo proves. They cover the area between your hairline and brow removing several inches off your face length easily.

    17. Heavy fringe

    Credit: Getty Images

    Copy Eva Mendes with a heavy textured side fringe and cute headband. But be careful not to add too much extra height if you’re opting for an updo and keep the focus on your fringe!

    18. Long layers

    Credit: Getty Images

    We love Megan Fox’s textured long layers. Invest in a sea salt spray to give a beachy finish that will last all day. Sweep to one side to open up your face too.

    19. Curls

    Credit: Getty Images

    Big, bouncy curls will make your face seem fuller so take note from supermodel Iman and wrap sections of hair around a tong for extra volume that isn’t too poofy.

    20. Volumise

    Credit: Getty Images

    Add some va va volume like Kate Beckinsale by adding waves, layers and a side fringe that sits at ear length to define cheekbones.

    21. Side-parting bob

    Credit: GettyImages

    A deep-side parted bob like Jessica Alba’s prevents hair from lying flat against your head, which has an elongating effect. Apply a volumising mousse at the roots to stop it looking fine.

    22. Volume

    Credit: Getty Images

    Christina Hendricks shows us how to achieve a voluminous bob, one of the perfect hairstyles that suit a long face. Ones that sit chin-length or just below are ideal for this face shape as they add width to your look and are completely anti-ageing!