This Morning doctor urges people to start taking this supplement to help fight the coronavirus

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TV medical expert Dr Chris Steele has urged the public to start taking a certain vitamin supplement, claiming that it may help the body fight the coronavirus.

Dr Chris, who regularly appears on ITV’s This Morning to chat all things health, has said that taking vitamin D could help your immune system to fight against the potentially deadly Covd-19 virus.

Chatting to presenting duo Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, Dr Chris explained that many of us are low on the vital vitamin, which we usually soak up from sunlight.

“Vitamin D is made in your skin and in the action of sunshine,” he said.

“We are all low on vitamin D, and we should be taking vitamin D.

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“Vitamin D deficiency is common, we recommend that those at risk of coronavirus urgently supplement with Vitamin D to enhance their resistance to Covid-19, and this advice is to be extended to the general adult public,” he reported to viewers.

He went on to add that shoppers looking to purchase a vitamin D supplement should look out for vitamin D3.

While vitamin D won’t prevent you from catching the disease, it’s a good measure to take in order to boost the immune system and increase your body's ability to fight it.

Dr Chris also shared that eating food high in friendly gut bacteria could do the same.

“Your immune system protects you against viruses and bacteria.

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'And I advise you to increase the population of friendly bacteria by eating yoghurt, Greek style yoghurt.

“Increase the population of the friendly bacteria, you then should feed them by taking probiotics which are founds in foods like beans.

“They are good, simple, cheap ways of boosting the food to your army of friendly bacteria.”

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