Are Janey and Roger still together? Everything you need to know about the My Mum, Your Dad couple

With the final episode of My Mum, Your Dad having aired last week, viewers are wondering what happened next, especially; are Janey and Roger still together?

Roger Hawesd and Janey Smith from My Mum , Your Dad sat together
Are Janey and Roger still together?
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My Mum, Your Dad is a blind date style show where single parents have been put forward by their children for a second chance at love. Unbeknownst to the parents, the kids are watching their every move and are involved in the decision making process after nominating them to partake in the show in the first place. But viewers are wondering; are Janey and Roger still together?

The show aired Monday-Friday on ITVX, over the course of two weeks, with host Davina McCall showing the journeys of the single parents. The participating single parents were thrown into a beautiful country house, and set bonding exercises along with dates.  


Unlike other reality dating shows like  Love Island and Too Hot to Handle, My Mum, Your Dad struck a chord with viewers by following the format of showing older singletons in their search for love instead of only focusing on ‘young love’. With viewers up and down the country tuning in each night to check up on their favourite couples. 

One couple, in particular, that stole the heart of the nation was Roger and Janey. After Roger told his heart-wrenching story of his wife dying from cancer, both the children on the show watching from the bunker and viewers at home were moved to tears. Janey came in as a ‘bombshell’ after other single parents entered together earlier on. They instantly caught each other's eye. Connecting through opening up about their pasts only brought them closer together. However, there were some hiccups along the way with a divide among the family members as they were unsure if this would work. 

 Are Roger and Janey still together?  

Yes Roger and Janey are still together. Even though they live at opposite ends of the country they make the time every weekend to see each other. After appearing in an interview on Good Morning Britain together in September 2023, they spoke about how their relationship has continued to blossom since the show ended filming.  

Who are Roger and Janey? 

Roger, the 58-year-old postman from Derbyshire was nominated to participate in the show by daughter Jess. Roger’s gripping story of losing his wife only 18 months prior to entering the show captivated the nation, bringing viewers together to root for his success. Queue Janey, a 47-year-old singer and recruitment manager, who was nominated by her son Will. Will nominated Janey in the hopes that she would finally find someone stating “If it takes me to get involved, then that's apparently how dire things have got!”

Both Janey and Roger had not been on a date in a long time, with Roger revealing that had not been on a date for 37 years. Daughter Jess told her dad during the show that “looking at you there is just less sadness and more happiness there. You’re like a different man.” Janey and Roger hit it off and have only grown closer since meeting on the show. 

Luckily for Janey and Roger, My Mum,Your Dad brought about a successful result but the same cannot be said for all couples, with some even breaking up before the show ended. Episodes are still available to stream on ITVX  if you haven’t had a chance to watch or fancy a refresh. With the ‘secret bunker’ format, viewers are left wondering if My Mum, Your Dad will return for a second series and how this would work. This is yet to be confirmed but many speculate the show's hit response warrants another round of parents in their quest for love.  

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