Which Love Island couples are still together in 2023?

As we prepare for the hit dating show’s spin off, fans are wondering which Love Island couples are still together?

A collage of two couples that are still together from Love Island: Ekin-Su and Davide (left) and Molly-Mae and Tommy (right)
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ITV’s Love Island has matched countless couples, with four of those leading to marriage and babies (yay!) but despite its track record, many have been asking which Love Island couples are still together now?

Let’s start with some good news: winners of last year’s series Jess Harding and Sammy Root are still going strong. 

They beat favourites Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nawacki to the £50,000 prize and the new spin-off show the Love Island Games promises to bring just as many dramatic re-couplings, twists and turns that we’ve come to expect, as well as some budding new relationships. 

This, along with The Romance Retreat (dubbed the Love Island for ‘grown ups’), is certainly filling the gaps while we wait for a summer of love to roll back around again.  

In the meantime, there have been a lot of updates since the couples left the villa. Here, we’ve done some digging to find out who’s still together as well as throwing it back to some of the couples from 2016 when the show started. 

Here’s a complete rundown of the couples who still have that sought-after connection. 

Which Love Island couples are still together in 2023?

1. Jess and Sammy – Love Island 2023

Jess and Sammy won the latest series of Love Island despite their turbulent journey. While it was clear that Jess was ‘all in’ for Sammy from the beginning, the 23-year-old from Kent had different ideas.

Casa Amor – a Love Island tradition where existing couples are split up and thrown in the mix with other constants – caused a stir between the two, and the couple was on and off until the final days of the show.

Making it official with a big gesture that all islanders were able to get involved with, Sammy asked Jess to be his girlfriend in front of the whole villa.

Our winners are still going strong, evidenced by Sammy’s Instagram post in September 2023, where he posted a gallery featuring photos of the pair at the National Television Awards (NTAs). 

2. Whitney and Lochan – Love Island 2023

Despite being voted as the viewers’ favourite couple, Whitney and Lochan had to settle for second place behind Jess and Sammy. 

The pair met at Casa Amor where it was clear they had a spark – and their strong connection is still going today. 

Like Sammy and Jess, the couple attended the NTAs and Whitney posted a gallery of images that showed them getting up close and personal on her Instagram account, captioned: “About last night”. 

Whitney even referred to Disney’s Tiana (The Princess and The Frog) in the last slide, where fans agreed that the reference was “spot on.” 

Since leaving the villa, the couple have been spotted taking trips to Ikea and TikTok videos have emerged of Lochan’s family teaching Whitney how to cook. 

3. Molly and Zach – Love Island 2023

Molly and Zach are arguably the most unlikely couple to have matched on the series. Influencer Molly Marsh is from Derbyshire, and Zach Noble, a personal trainer, calls South-East London (Lewisham) home. 

The villa was left shaken after Molly was sent home in an unexpected dumping, leaving Zach to ‘crack on’ with former contestant Kady McDermot. 

Although Kady admitted that she thought the spark needed work, Zach was keen to pursue things, until Molly reentered the villa with the Casa Amor contestants in a bid to get Zach back. 

The couple reunited and finished fourth place in the competition. They appear to be doing well from Molly’s most recent post on Instagram of the pair, simply captioned: “You.” 

4. Ella and Tyrique – Love Island 2023

Ella and Tyrique also had a rocky journey in the villa, but eventually won an admirable third place in the final. 

Matched by the public at the very start of the series, it seemed like the couple were made for each other, but comments from the semi-professional footballer gave Ella a few red flags. 

Separated for days during Casa Amor, sparks began to fly between Ella and Scottish model Ouzy See, with whom she had previously met. 

It was clear Ouzy was very interested and Ella decided to recouple and bring him back to the main villa, leaving Tyrique single. 

After a few days, Ella’s feelings for Tyrique continued to grow and he confessed to wanting her back as well.

Recoupling for the second time brought the pair back together and they have gone from strength to strength, with Tyrique telling the model he loved her in the final weeks of the show.

What’s more, the couple still seem very much in love. A quick snoop of Tyrique’s Instagram shows him and Ella on a little date day at Chigwell restaurant Sheesh, which also has the likes of Rochelle Humes and Vicky Pattison as followers. 

5. Kai and Sanam – Love Island 2023

Kai and Sanam dancing on their final date

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Kai and Sanam won the latest series of winter Love Island, and were possibly the cutest couple the show has ever seen. The pair had already won the nation's hearts, but when they revealed their plan to invest some of their prize money in projects that help children, they solidified their status as worthy winners.

The pair got together during the Casa Amor segment of the show, with Sanam appearing as a bombshell. She was the only Casa girl to get picked to join the main villa, and subsequently became the only Casa Amor bombshell to have ever won the show. 

Prior to meeting Sanam, OG islander Kai had been coupled up with Tanyel, Samie and Olivia. He went into Casa Amor while still exploring a connection with Olivia, who made it clear at the end of the experiment that she wasn't happy with his decision to recouple - despite her also bringing a Casa Amor bombshell into the main villa. 

With Sanam now in the villa, Kai's days of playing the field looked to be over, and the couple won the series with 44% of the vote.

Still very much in love, Sanam shared a picture of her and Kai on Instagram attending the National Diversity Awards, explaining “what an honour and privilege” it was to present an award.

6. Will and Jessie – Love Island 2023

Will and Jessie sat on the beanbags on Love Island

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Aussie bombshell Jessie and Farmer Will, who met on the winter series of the hit show, are still very much an item and now both split their time between Will’s home county of Buckinghamshire and Jessie’s place Down Under. 

Fans of the show will remember they were together from pretty much the day she stepped into the villa, and were at one point tipped to win the show. 

It wasn't all smooth sailing, however, as Will almost lost Jessie after betraying her by kissing Layla in Casa Amor. He had to do some serious grovelling when he confessed to what he had done.

However, the pair moved past his mistake and went on to say 'I love you' during their time in the villa, with Jessie asking Will to be her boyfriend during their final date.

After filming wrapped, the pair headed straight to Will's farm, and revealed in the reunion that they plan to spend some time in London before making the trip over to Jessie's home in Tasmania.

In April this year, the pair announced plans to move in together, with Jessie saying she wanted to make a permanent home in the UK with Will. She recently took Will to visit her family in Tasmania, where she hadn't been for some time. 

The love they have for each other only seems to be getting stronger, as Will is “close to proposing” to the Aussie beauty. 

Will told the MailOnline that they’re both ready to take their relationship to the next stage and admitted that “we are creeping up to the ring.”

The couple were recently photographed at the Newbury County Show, sporting matching outfits of baseball caps and Nike dunks. 

7. Shaq and Tanya – Love Island 2023

Shaq and Tanya kissing on Love Island

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Shaq and Tanya coupled up on day one of Love Island 2023 and made it all the way to the final, where they came in fourth place. 

But despite saying 'I love you' just a few weeks in, things went pear-shaped when Tanya decided to recouple with bombshell Martin in Casa Amor. Shaq, who had stayed loyal throughout, was devastated and told Tanya they were done.

But after Tanya made it clear she wanted only him, all was forgiven and the pair continued their romance - making it official during their final date in the villa. They then holidayed together less than a month after leaving the Villa. Fans that didn't expect their relationship to last are shocked the pair remain strong.

Proving that their love is more than just a summer romance, the pair have been enjoying yacht life on the Balearic Islands, and have also moved in together.

Announcing the news on Instagram with a picture of their two hands creating a heart shape holding some keys, Shaq captioned: “WE HAVE A NEW HOME 🏠❤️Guess there’s no escaping now 😅 Have to thank God always for this next step in our lives. Looking forward to this next chapter 🫶”. 

8. Dami and Inidyah – Love Island 2022

Dami Hope and Indiyah Polak posing for a photo

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Despite both their heads turning during Casa Amor, Dami and Indiyah reunited before the end of the series and finished in third place.

In November 2022, the couple revealed they were taking the next big step in their relationship, and moving in together in London. They toasted the big day with a bottle of prosecco on Instagram and Dami captioned the photos, "Here's to annoying each other even more."

This summer 2023, the duo celebrated their one year anniversary as Indiyah took to Instagram to post a few memories, as well as a short clip of highlights from their time on the show. 

“Happy 1 year anniversary to us! You take the words out of my mouth every time, and I’m so grateful and happy that I get to do life with YOU, here’s to many more anniversaries and an amazing life together - I love you so so much and it still blows my mind that a year ago we didn’t know a thing about true love but I can say I found it with you, here to get on your nerves 4ever♥️ my whole heart, ya spuds really did turn into kisses☺️♥️”

9. Tasha and Andrew – Love Island 2022

Andrew (left) and Tasha (right) at a movie premiere

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After Andrew ditched Tasha for Coco during Casa Amor – before revealing some of the scandalous antics they had got up to in bed together – and Tasha brought Billy back with her to the main villa, it looked like things were over for this couple. But, several months on, Tasha and Andrew seem stronger than ever.

Paired by the public on day one, they made it all the way to fourth place. Since leaving the villa, the pair have spent Christmas in Guernsey with Andrew's family and been to Australia together to visit Tasha's brother. 

The pair moved in together in August 2022 and over a year on, Andrew and Tasha have a new addition to their family. 

Dubbing themselves “cool dog parents”, Tasha shared news with her followers that her and Andrew had just welcomed their rescue pup called Luna. 

Former Love Island host Laura Whitmore and TV personality Vicky Pattison were quick to say their congratulations and praised the couple for adopting. Cute!

10. Liam and Millie – Love Island 2021

Love is in the air again for Liam Reardon and Millie Court who were crowned the winners back in 2021. 

After leaving the villa, their romance continued to bloom but the couple decided to call it quits in summer 2022. 

Addressing their split on Instagram, Millie wished Liam all the best and explained how they’re “ready for new chapters”.

Now, after months of rumours that they were back together, the pair confirmed that they were very much back together – and fans are delighted with the news.

Speaking to Closer Online, the Welsh heartthrob said that he and Millie remained friends after they had broken up and always cared for each other. 

Liam admitted that he made the first move to try and rekindle things, with Millie adding: “We really cared about each other and it naturally happened.”

11. Nas and Eva – Love Island 2020

Love Island still together

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Nas Majeed and Eva Zapico, who coupled up late in the show after meeting in the Casa Amor villa, are now living together and they regularly share updates of their relationship and homelife on social media.

Nas was originally paired with Demi Jones, but he was clearly smitten with Eva as soon as he met her. And after the show ended and the country went into lockdown, the pair enjoyed socially distanced dates and finally went official in July 2020.

To say the couple is still going strong would be an understatement as they sparked engagement rumours in July 2023 during their holiday to Greece.

Nas captioned the images “With love from Greece” and fans were quick to speculate whether the couple were engaged after some claimed they could see a ring from the snaps.

Watch this space!

12. Molly-Mae and Tommy – Love Island 2019

Love Island still together

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Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury won over the nation’s hearts during series five, and it's unsurprising that they’re more in love than ever today. 

The couple live together in a six-bedroom mansion in Cheshire with their baby daughter Bambi, who was born in January 2023. They are now engaged. 

Tommy proposed to the former Pretty Little Thing Creative Director in July 2023, and Molly-Mae shared a sweet video of the romantic proposal to her 1.8 million followers on YouTube.

We also got to see more behind the scenes from Tommy and Molly in the debut series of At Home with the Furys on Netflix which amassed over 2.6 million viewers of the first episode, according to Barb, the UK’s official audience research group.

We can’t wait to see the couple officially tie the knot!

13. Camilla and Jamie – Love Island 2017

Love Island still together

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Commonly known as one of the ‘OG’ Love Island matches, Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt met towards the end of series three.

The couple are still going strong and they welcomed their first baby, Nell Sophia, in October 2020 and got engaged in February 2021. They tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in September that year at Gosfield Hall in Essex.

They welcomed their second child, a daughter named Nora, in May 2022.

The couple are pretty private, but they do regularly share sweet family snaps on their social media accounts.

The last family picture Camilla shared on social media was a family outing to Brentwood Fire Station where fans couldn’t believe how fast their daughters were growing up. 

14. Jess and Dom – Love Island 2017

Love Island

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Jess Shears and Dom Lever's relationship began quite controversially. Jess was brought in as a bombshell in series three, and stole Dom from Montana Brown.

The pair announced their engagement in September 2017, just months after coming out of the villa, and married in a secret ceremony in Mykonos in 2018.

They welcomed their first child, a baby boy called Presley in October 2019. They welcomed their second child, another boy, in June 2022. The couple have never announced the name of their second son, but regularly post family snaps on social media.

Speaking about their relationship in 2020, Jess said: “Every aspect of our life has changed since coming off the show. I wouldn’t have said I’d be here in three years, married with a baby.”

While Dom added: “I would say now I am the happiest I’ve ever been.”

15. Alex and Olivia – Love Island 2016

Love Island still together

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Alex and Olivia Bowen are another couple who proved doubters wrong by lasting the test of time.

The couple had quite a rocky romance on the second series of Love Island, and raised eyebrows when they announced their engagement in New York just six months later.

They tied the knot at Gosfield Hall in Essex in September 2018, making them the first Love Island couple to get married.

Sharing a wedding snap on their three-year anniversary last year, Olivia wrote on Instagram: "Three years, forever to go. I will never get bored of staring at these photos."

The couple welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Abel, in June 2022. Announcing his arrival on social media, the couple wrote: "Abel Jacob Bowen. You are everything. 10/06/22."

Most recently, Olivia posted a gallery of photos to mark their five-year wedding anniversary and added: “May the adventures continue.” 

16. Cara and Nathan – Love Island 2016

Love Island still together

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Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey won the second series of Love Island in 2016 after coupling up on the first day.

However, the couple split in early 2017 and announced that Cara was pregnant just a month later, but reconciled before the birth of their son in November 2017.

Nathan took Cara back to the Love Island villa and proposed in 2018, and the couple married in 2019.

They announced they were expecting their second child together in March 2020 and welcomed a baby girl, in July 2020

Six years on from their 2016 series win, Cara and Nathan are a strong family of four with children Freddie-George, four, and Delilah, two. 

17. Luke Mabbott and Lucie Donlan

Love Island still together

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Luke Mabbott and Lucie Donlan didn't appear in the same series - Lucie was in the 2019 series and Luke 2020 - but the couple have been inseparable since they got together in 2020.

After a year together, Luke popped the question during a romantic trip to Finland in 2021.

Luke had previously been with Demi Jones, who he met on his series of Love Island, but the pair split a few months after the show.

Lucie has revealed how she slid into Luke's DMs in 2020, and the rest is history! 

She said: "We'll always be thankful for Love Island for putting us out there - but people forget we weren't actually on the same series.

"When I was watching the Winter Love Island series I said to my mum, 'He's perfectly suited to me.' He looks so much like Justin Bieber - when I was younger I always used to fancy Justin Bieber - he was my teenage crush.

"I always fancied him and when I saw he was single, I slid into his DMs. When you like someone you've just got to go for it. We went for a picnic."

It seems as though the couple is more in love than ever and are often seen travelling to far-flung destinations and sharing beautiful memories together. 

In September 2023, the pair took a trip to France in their amazing motorhome and Lucie posted a very cute video of them drinking wine in front of a beach sunset. 

She joked: “France you have our hearts and also our headaches🍷🇫🇷🗺️🚐”.  

There aren’t many dating shows that rival Love Island but one that comes pretty close to producing some of the best dramatic TV moments is Married at First Sight UK. Find out who is still together and season seven’s couples here

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