Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks


Joe Wicks aka ‘The Body Coach’ rose to fame after his Instagram videos started to go viral. With 15 minute recipes and HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts to do at home, Joe quickly became one of the most followed personal trainers in the country.

With a degree in Sports Science from St Mary's University, five years working as a personal trainer and three years as an online nutrition coach, he really knows what he's talking about when it comes to fitness and weight loss.

His 90 day plan- Shift, Shape, Sustain- has had over 100,000 clients. Joe said, “I created this plan to educate people and give them the knowledge they need to get a lean, healthy strong body without going hungry.

“I'm a man on a mission to rescue people from the awful dieting industry. I am sick and tired of people struggling on low-calorie diets and meal replacement shakes.”

Alongside the diet plan, Joe has a YouTube channel full of HIIT workouts to follow whatever your fitness level and eight best selling books. He dubbed himself the “nation’s P.E teacher” during the Covid-19 pandemic, as he hosted morning exercise classes for children, with over 2 million viewers at points.

All of Joe’s recipes are easy to follow, full of nutrients and of course, delicious. So whether you fancy a lean turkey burger, chicken pie or halloumi fries, we’ve got all the recipes to hand.

Originally from south London, Joe has two children, Indy and Marley, with his wife Rosie Jones whom he married in 2019.

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