A bouncer for babies and toddlers? Meet the Nuna Leaf Grow

Discover this neutral, manual bouncer that transitions to a toddler seat

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GoodtoKnow Verdict

This sleek and attractive bouncer can be used for newborns, toddlers, and big kids up to a maximum weight of 60kg, plus it comes with a removable toy bar so while it does have a higher-than-average price tag, you'll get way more use out of it compared to other bouncer chairs.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Stylish, pleasing design

  • +

    Silent - no electrics

  • +

    9kg weight limit (60kg without harness)

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Toys not removable

  • -

    Requires manual rocking

  • -

    Heavy to carry

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We tested the Nuna Leaf Grow Bouncer to determine if it is worth its high price tag and to find out whether it's a genuinely useful buy for parents and their little ones. 

If you're looking for a baby bouncer with longevity, the Nuna Leaf Grow is a great option. Designed to be more toddler-friendly than the original Nuna Leaf, the Nuna Leaf Grow has a removable harness and three recline positions, compared to just one on the Leaf.

The infant insert also has individual cushions for the head and body, as opposed to the single insert included with the original model. However, they can both hold the same weight (up to 130 pounds or 9kg with the harness and up to 60kg without) and both are suitable from birth. The fact that you can use this bouncer for newborns and toddlers alike is a major selling point and is sure to make this an appealing buy for parents who want their money's worth and prefer products that last a long time. 

Reviewed by
Headshot of Grace Holliday, consumer writer
Reviewed by
Grace Holliday

For this review, Goodto.com asked Grace Holliday, one of our parent testers, to try out the Nuna Leaf Grow for several weeks with her baby daughter, who was 10 months old when they began testing. Grace told us she loved the look of the Leaf Grow and the fact that there are three lovely, neutral colours to choose from: "It's one of the most attractive baby products I've seen - the Nuna Leaf Grow is nothing if not lovely to look at!"

The Nuna Leaf Grow bouncer is available in three stylish  neutral colourways: Granite, a mid-grey; Biscotti, a neutral beige; and Charcoal, which is a mixture of black and grey.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, this manual bouncer can hold a child up to the weight of 90kg with the harness removed. A toddler will also be able to 'bounce' themselves once seated - something that's especially useful as this product isn't electric. This has its pros and cons: it's a nice quiet gadget to have in the home but it also means that when babies are very little, you'll need to bounce it every so often to keep the motion going. 

Price and availability

At the time of writing, Mamas & Papas is selling the Nuna Leaf Grow with £51 off for £199. This is a pricey item so it's worth shopping around and bagging a discount when you see one. 

While the price tag might be steep, Grace reckons this is a good value piece of baby kit because you'll be able to use it for several years, unlike many other bouncers which are only suitable for use up to the age of six months. "It is premium buy but it lasts for years and adjusts as your child grows," she said. "Plus its design is gorgeous and it does what it promises!"

Grace also liked that many things that would be 'extras' with other bouncers are included in the price of the Nuna Leaf Grow. "The toy bar, which features a knitted bird, rabbit, and cloud, is included and not an extra cost, whereas with some baby bouncers, you have to pay extra if you want the toy bar."

Grace felt that this bouncer wasn't quite worthy of our 'best buy' award but says it's "just shy of this, given three-to-four oversights in design/functionality. A few small tweaks and it would be, though," she added. 

Grace said: "The longevity of the product really appealed to me, as many bouncers and rockers can only be used until a child can sit up unaided. For this reason, you can go some way to justifying the price, which is definitely at the top end of the scale." 

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Design and features

Weighs: 7.47kg | Age: Birth - 60kg

In terms of design, Grace couldn't fault the look of the Nuna Leaf Grow and loved the neutral colours it comes in. "All are extremely visually appealing, and blend into adult rooms and decor seamlessly," she said. 

The bouncer is made from an organic material called Oeko-tex® fabric and it is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified. Various parts are machine washable for little accidents, while the back panel is mesh and helps to keep your baby cool in the warmer months. 

"Unsurprisingly, it all feels very soft to the touch, and I’m not concerned about anything rough rubbing against my 10-month-old daughter's face while she spends time in this," explained Grace. "I’m also pleased the mesh is there, so she doesn’t get too warm or sweaty."

Something that makes the Leaf Grow stand out is that it is electric-free, which also means no wires to worry about and no plug sockets to find. As such, it means that there is no buzzing or vibrating mode, just a simple swaying from side to side motion that you set off by pushing (or gently knocking it with your foot). 

"Its limited movement may not be entertaining enough for some babies, but my daughter was suitably soothed by the motion," Grace told us. "This also means it is entirely silent, which I appreciated as there is already enough stuff making noise in the average family household! Handily, there is a lever under the base, at the front, which makes it stay stationary. At a younger age, this is useful for feeding, and, as the baby becomes a toddler, it will also be useful for reading and resting time."

A lifestyle mage of the Nuna Leaf Grow

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How we tested

  • Assembled the baby bouncer and noted how easy it was to put together and use
  • Tested out the baby bouncer for several weeks
  • Used all the different features to see how this bouncer compares with others

Things you won't find on the box

One slightly irritating element of the Nuna Leaf Grow was its toy bar and the fact that the toys on it couldn't be taken off and used elsewhere. 

"The toy bar is very easily removed, which means once little one can reach and grab it, they will most likely yank it off! As such, the toy bar has a very short lifespan, and it's a shame that the three lovely toys on it can't be removed." 

There are a couple more downsides to the seat, first and foremost the fact that the strap to secure the child is made from Velcro. 

"As there is no real way to undo Velcro quietly, if you want to take a snoozing baby out, you may need to put on some white noise nearby before taking off the strap to disguise the noise somewhat," said Grace. "There is also the fact that because it isn’t powered by batteries or electrics, until your child has legs long enough to sway it themselves, you have to keep knocking it gently to keep it in motion." 

It's also worth mentioning that the trade-off for its stability and ability to hold a heavy toddler is that the bouncer itself is pretty heavy. It’s also quite large, and while that means great comfort for the baby or child, it means that moving it around the house isn’t the easiest. So you’ll probably want to pick one room, or at least one floor of your home, to keep it on. 

Grace said: "For now, we have decided to keep it in our living room, but when our daughter is old enough to get in and out without our help, we’ll likely move it to her bedroom. You can, however, detach the seat from the base for storage or travel."

"Overall, and despite the downsides, we all really love the seat. As our girl will never snooze in it, the Velcro doesn't bother us, and she doesn't squawk in protest if it stops rocking for a few minutes." 

Who's it best for

Grace said she would definitely recommend this seat to friends, adding: "All the many positives far outweigh any potential inconvenience the small niggles may cause."

She liked that it was capable of holding a large toddler - and even a young child - safely. Grace thought this would best suit "someone looking for a cord-free bouncer that transitions into a child seat that won’t look out of place amongst adult decor".

Need an alternative?

If you want something a little more affordable, we named the Babymoov Graphik Bouncer our best overall buy. Alternatively, the Joie Sansa 2-in-1 rocker has a self-rocking motion that many other parents are thankful for. 

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