Alissa Carlson Meteorologist - what happened to her? The moment she collapsed on-air explained

The CBS star dropped to the floor as she was hosting her segment on KCAL News.

Alissa Carlson Meteorologist CBS KCAL News
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Viewers tuning in to CBS Mornings got an unexpected fright this week when the weather girl collapsed live on-air and fans are asking about Alissa Carlson Meteorologist and what's happened to her?

Whether you're at home or on your way to work, you can't beat checking the local news and weather before you get on with your day but while many viewers in the UK tune in to BBC Breakfast to discover that Nina Warhurst is pregnant with her third child, across in the US, viewers who were locked in tune to CBS Mornings witnessed a terrifying start to the weather.

As we look at all you need to know about Alissa Carlson Meteorologist and what happened to her...

Alissa Carlson Meteorologist - what happened to her?

Alissa Carlson was due to give her weather forecast live on KCAL News on the CBS channel when she unexpectedly feinted and collapsed while live on-air. The horrifying moment the 47-year-old passed out was broadcast as co-anchors Rachel Kim and Nichelle Medina passed to Alissa for an update on the morning's weather forecast.

"Who is ready for some sunshine? I know I am. Let’s start off with a check of your next weather with meteorologist Alyssa Carlson. She joins us live in the studio,” Nichelle told viewers.

But as the screen split to show Alissa sat behind the desk in another part of the studio, Nichelle continues to talk and at this point Alissa's eyes start to roll to the back of her head before she slumps over the desk and collapses off the chair.

Fellow anchor Rachel said "Oh" as she showed concern for Alissa and Nichelle announces that they're taking a small ad break.

For anyone who didn't see the scary moment, the clip was re-aired on CBS Mornings.

At the time, CBS Los Angeles, KCAL's local sister station said in an update, "KCAL News Meteorologist Alissa Carlson was about to start her weather forecast this morning when she fainted."

They added, "Our team jumped in to help and comfort her while waiting for medical help to arrive."

After being taken to hospital, Alissa told her fans on Facebook, "Thanks for all the texts, calls and well wishes. I am going to be ok!"

It's not the first time Alissa has suffered a health scare during a broadcast, in 2014 she fell sick working as chief meteorologist for NBC's affiliate channel KEGT. She later learnt that she has a leaky heart valve. This health diagnosis prompted her to change her lifestyle and raise awareness for the American Heart Association.

Following her latest collapse, Alissa returned to screens to talk about her sudden collapse with Dr Jon Lapook. She joined via video link from Bakersfield, California. 

She revealed she "felt fine" that morning, but that 15 minutes before the incident she started to feel nausea and went to the restroom and planned to get something to eat as she hadn't eaten breakfast that morning. She also thought that she was perhaps feeling a little dehydrated from drinking a lot of coffee so she planned to power through.

When asked what the doctor had diagnosed Alissa explained, "In the past I have been diagnosed with a leaky heart valve so initially when this happened I think a lot of people, including myself, thought I was having a heart attack live on air. That was not the case thankfully and the heart test proved that I'm fine, my heart is great." 

She went on to reveal that she has been diagnosed with Vasovagal Syncope - a medical condition that affects millions of people.

"I'm really now going to have to learn how to recognise the symptoms of this condition....I could feel the tunnel vision coming and starting to get black so I tried to brace myself on that desk but it was too late."

Reflecting on what she should have done differently Alissa admitted, "I shouldn't have been at that wall for the hit, when I started to feel something come on I should have maybe gone and sat in the chair and then let them go to me and take me with nothing there."

What are the symptoms of Vasovagal Syncope?

Vasovagal Syncope symptoms, which see's sufferers black out and collapse, include the following according to Mayo Clinic

  • Pale skin
  • Lightheaded
  • Tunnel vision
  • Nausea
  • Feeling warm
  • Clammy sweat
  • Blurry vision

Dr Jon Lapook also advised laying down with the legs raised and the head tilted to the left incase of vomiting.

Who is Alissa Carlson married to?

Alissa Carlson is married to attorney Neil Schwartz. The couple have a daughter Aris Ann together and Alissa revealed that following the 2016 birth of her daughter, the "stem cells" from her baby had started to "heal her heart".

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