Why is Charlie Stayt not on BBC Breakfast?

Those tuning into BBC Breakfast are wondering where Charlie Stayt is - the TV presenter usually appears alongside Naga Munchetty from Thursday to Saturday

Wondering where Charlie Stayt is at the moment and why he's not sitting on the BBC Breakfast sofa? Here's all we know as fans wonder if he's quit the show.

BBC Breakfast viewers have seen a lot of changes to their favourite morning show recently, with some much-loved presenters quitting or taking a break. Charlie's absence comes after fellow presenter Jon Hay announced on 10, July 2023 that he was taking a two-week holiday from the show to spend time with his family.

Dan Walker quit in April last year, just seven months after long-standing host Louise Minchin left. This has made way for some new TV talent to join the show including Nina Warhurst, Sally Nugent, Hannah Miller, and Jon Kay.

Now, with another absence on our screens, BBC Breakfast fans are wondering where Charles Stayt is and why he's missing from the studio...

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Where is Charlie Stayt this morning?

Charlie Stayt usually presents BBC Breakfast with co-star Naga Munchetty on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but on 10 July 2023 both co-stars were absent from the show.

They were replaced by presenters Sally Nugent and Ben Thompson.

No official reason has been shared for Charlie or Naga's absence. Charlie is notoriously private about his family life and doesn't have a social media presence.

Is Charlie Stayt leaving BBC Breakfast?

Recently there have been rumours swirling around that Charlie might be leaving BBC Breakfast. Although he has sometimes been absent from the red sofa, there's been no official statement from the BBC about him leaving.

As a regular presenter on BBC Breakfast, Charlie is a viewers favourite, known for his professionalism and informative interview style. He first joined the breakfast show in 2006, initially as a relief presenter, before quickly being promoted to the Friday to Sunday host.

His partnership with the show's Naga Munchetty has also been well-received, and their on-screen dynamic has become a defining aspect of the show. Although recently viewers took to social media to comment about picking up on tension between the pair. 

One wrote: "Mornings are already depressing enough with tons of bad news so, can we have a duo without so much tension as displayed between Charlie and Naga."

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Who is Charlie Stayt?

While Charlie has been on our screens for nearly 30 years, he was a self-confessed late starter in journalism. He had a string of unrelated jobs before his broadcasting career, working as a barman, roadie and roofer. 

His first job as a journalist was on local radio in his hometown of Gloucester. he then moved to London, where he hosted Capital Radio's news programme The Way It Is. He also reported for LBC and BBC Radio 5 Live.

Charlie worked for ITV in 1995 before landing a job as a reporter for Five News. He also fronted several current affairs programmes and reality TV, including Jailbreak and Are You Telepathic? He joined BBC Breakfast in 2006 as a relief presenter and was promoted to weekend host two years later.

BBC Breakfast airs daily at 6am on BBC One and iPlayer.

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